Rockyou Txt Wordlist Download 2021 - #1 Password List in Kali Linux

Rockyou is a password dictionary that is used to help perform various kinds of password brute-force attacks. It is a collection of the most widely used and potential access codes. Rockyou.txt download is a free wordlist found in Kali Linux used by various penetration testers.

Many tools use the dictionary attack method; this requires a wordlist.

By default, Offensive Security has added many dictionaries in Kali Linux. This is one of the biggest amongst others. This guide teaches you how to find its location and unzip it.

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What is Rockyou Txt Used for?

It was first added in backtrack and then in this. 1n 2013, the first version was launched.

It is awesome to use as one can create his own dictionary using such an attack.

For a wonderful dictionary use “crunch” and “cwel”, in case you are a beginner and want to test or practice any tool then this one is for you.

Why Choose Rockyou

Many lists are present online; some are free to download while others need to be purchased. These are collections of passwords used once by users.

Recovering them is a real art required just above each type of penetration test. These are kinds of tools that penetration testers and other CyberSecurity professionals require to make their jobs easier yet efficient. Anyone out there who wished to discover or recover them needs to learn how to use these with their password cracking software.

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Rockyou Password List Location in Kali Linux

For now, we do not know the correct location even we have used it many times.

Let us direct you to find it out in case you forget it.

Following is the command locate used to find a file in Linux in all directories or any specific location.

#locate rockyou

Rockyou Password List LocationCheck out the last line, the location is


Confirm it by using the Is command followed by the wordlist location.

The example is as follows:

Using Locate and LS Command to Find RockYou

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How to Unzip rockyou.txt.gz To rockyou.txt

Its file carries a .gz extension of the file. Keep in mind that this is not a normal file it is a ZIP. You can neither see content from this nor use it.

This is not useful anymore therefore you need to extract or unzip it by using the following commands:

#cd /usr/share/wordlist/


#gzip –d rockyou.txt.gz

Rockyou txt gz unzip

Such tests require some kind of cracking like for the tests done internally, the tester would have to guess the captured hashes to access the domain. That can involve many hashes pulled from the domain controller that shall have to crack for the tester so that he can evaluate the overall effectiveness of access codes. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s password, help the IT team to communicate proper ways to choose them that are harder to guess, making the overall protection of digital information a bit better.

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Using these to aid in such a method makes penetration testing quite faster. These can try out thousands of passcodes within seconds which saves a lot of time for the testers, time that can be better spent resolving any vulnerabilities their test identifies.

If you are a tester or want to become one then it is important that you know about these lists, how they work, where to get them from, and how to use such tutorials shall provide users with all the knowledge they need to utilize lists to simplify the testing process.

Creating Your Own Custom Wordlist

Beginners who learn brute-force attacks against WPA handshakes are let down by limitations of default lists like this which is based on stolen access codes. Science of these goes beyond using these default lists, allowing users to be more efficient by making customized lists. Using mentalists, generate millions based on details regarding the target.

This is along-established art that relies on a combination of brute-force processing power and the ability to refine the list down to likely options based on what we know about the target. Different security protocols are vulnerable to such attacks which at core rely on some key principles.

First, you must be allowed to try out different passcodes many times quickly. After this, you need to be able to determine the difference between success and failure. Moreover, you need to have a list of codes to try out automatically. Finally, this needs to present in the list for the attack to succeed. As this list gets bigger, CPU and GPU performance becomes important as the rate at which these can be attempted is sped up.

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Rockyou is best for Brute-Forcing WPA, SSH, FTP & other credentials

Wireless networks are mostly secured by WPA or WPA2 encryption, this is able to be cracked by network handshake and using the system’s CPU to brute-force it. Besides, WPA, protocols such as SSH and FTP are vulnerable to it though methods of this can be differentiated between online and offline type attacks.

In online attacks, we are directly connected to a service and send passcode attempts in a way that can be logged. An example is Reaver or SSHtrix, this needs to be connected with the network on which the host is to send guesses. In such cases, the limiting factor is often how many incoming connections FTP or SSH or server can accept and the amount of time spent connected to the host.

In offline attacks, the major limiting factor is the CPU or GPU’s ability to try out different passwords very quickly. An example can be the brute-forcing WPA handshake, a WPS-Pixie dust attack after collecting required information or hashes from the stolen database. This is the only time to be a bit worried about the performance of your GPU or CPU during this.

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Wordlist txt download

Rather than starting with a dictionary-style attack, an attacker who is smart will first look for lists that carry the real passcodes; these are known as the starting point for these kinds of techniques, as they work against anyone with a truly common one. In the wild, expect the success rates to be around 15% for these types of audits. If you are targeting a certain network or account then the chances of success are pretty small.

This being said, users can still use these lists as a seed for a more refined attack that is based on information that you know regarding the target. The reason behind these lists being effective is that you think of them as a statistical survey of the common passcodes used by people in the wild, these can be used as a seed to change small things such as adding or removing numbers, in a program that is known as word mangler.

For all the ethical hackers out there, a wealth of information is present online to crack a certain target. A Brute-force attack by the average script-kiddie might not be a substantial threat to an organization that enforces using strong access codes. An attack that is well-researched can cut down the number of guesses and present only relatively strong guesses based on information available regarding the target and any requirements. This makes an attack quite effective against selected, well-researched parts of the target’s infrastructure.

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Update: RockYou2021 Password File Download

The password list was just leaked online by a user on a forum. The user claimed that the records are around 100 GB in a text file. The claim was made that there are around 82 Billion different combinations of words. Upon checking and analyzing the file there were much fewer. The passwords available are of various length sizes of around between 20 and 6 characters.

Various security researchers made their verdict that this file is made up of various other breaches combined. The precise size of the list came to be around 3.2 Billion which is a very large scale. Researchers are also saying that it may have Gmail and LinkedIn hashes too. The RockYou2021 download should be available soon.

Note: These are only the most unique ones and not the ones discovered in the (COMB) breaches.

Download RockYou2021.txt.gz

Rockyou Txt Download 2021/2022 – Best Password List File

Rockyou.txt.gz Download

I hope your search for finding the biggest password list has now ended as you have discovered Rockyou.txt.gz download. We share its location with you and where you can find it in Kali Linux. We take it a step further and also show you how to unzip the .gz wordlist file. This can also be used in tools such as Cain and Abel.

Rockyou.txt size: 133 MB.

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Download Rockyou Txt Passwordlist

Rockyou.txt.gz Wordlist Download
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