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We all know that getting a research paper today is costly therefore researchers and other users are wondering if there are any alternatives in which studies funded by the public are locked behind bars put up by publishers. This is where our developers have created ResearchGate Downloader for you totally free so you can unlock any document with your own account.

Many say that for now, the current model is a big brake on human progress. Let’s see how we can avoid paywalls and download research papers all for free. Many sites are available for this on which we do not need to spend any money.

What is ResearchGate Downloader

About ResearchGate Downloader

ResearchGate has claimed to be a mashup of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by the New York Times. In this, the members can follow their research interests to follow other members. It comes with a blogging feature as well on this users get to pen down their short reviews on peer-reviewed articles. Moreover, it also indexes information that has been self-published on user profiles with the purpose to suggest members have connections with others of similar interests.

Whenever any question is posted by the member it gets fielded to others who have identified to their user profile having relevant expertise. The best thing is that it carries private chat rooms in which users can share their data, edit shared documents as well as have discussions on confidential topics. The job board is also featured on the website.

Back in 2018, it had more than 15 million users which large members coming in from North America and Europe. Mostly its users are involved in medicine, biology whereas it also has members from different fields including computer science, engineering, psychology, and agricultural sciences.

Now it also publishes an author level metric in “RG store” form which is not a citation impact measure. This has been reported to be correlated with existing author-level metrics but has seen a lot of criticism as well.

7 Easy Methods To Download ResearchGate Papers for Free Online

How To Download ResearchGate Papers Free

#1 – Library Genesis

This one carries around 2.7 million books and 58 million science magazine files. In 2015 Elsevier sued the website but nothing came out. In the UK this is blocked by many internet service providers but still remains readily accessible all due to a large number of its mirrors.

Top 6 Mirrors for Library Genesis we recommend:

Finding a book is easy as:

  1. Visit
  2. In the search field type in keywords.
  3. Hit “search”.
  4. Click on the book name or research paper you are looking for.
  5. Hit any of the mirrors available.
  6. Download it to your device.
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#2 – Sci-Hub

Sci Hub

This site gives access to academic papers and articles with help of educational institution access and its very own cache of papers and articles downloaded. The site was launched by Kazakhstani back in 2011.

Our recommended mirrors:


If we say that this is a controversial site then this would be an understatement on different occasions it has been accused of copyright infringement and in the developed countries is has been blocked by internet service providers. According to its stats, 99% chances are there that a request for download shall be successful. Moreover, 2 lakh requests are processed each day.

How to Download Research Paper with Sci-Hub:

  • Visit
  • Type the research paper’s name, URL, or DOI.
  • Hit the “open” button.

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#3 – Open Access Journals Archive 

This one is a community-curated site that carries some good quality, peer-reviewed open access journals. It was launched back in 2003 with 300 journals but for now, it has grown itself and includes more than 10 thousand open access journals covering various categories including technology, medicine, social science, science and humanities.

This one is legal and its site is funded by publishers, non-publishers and sponsors.

How to Download Research Papers

  • Visit
  • In the search field type your keywords and hit “enter”.
  • Choose a research paper you wish to download.
  • Hit the “full text” button present above abstract.

#4 – Unpaywall 


This is another option that carries around 21 million scholarly articles all for free. Its articles come from more than 50 thousand content repositories and publishers and can be accessed easily using its browser extension for Google Chrome.

How to Download Extension

  • Visit
  • Click on the “add to chrome” option.
  • On the Chrome web store page select the “add to chrome” option.
  • Wait for some time for the extension to get installed.

Now keep in mind that it automatically works and is there each time we visit the paywalled research paper present in its database. For this just click the green “unpaywall” option and instantly the paper shall appear.

#5 – ScienceOpen

This was founded by Alexander Grossman back in 2013 who was an information scientist, software developer and specialist in content management. The site is a professional networking platform for scholars with more than 40 million research papers in different areas of science. Its basic aim is to explore and introduce new ways to open up information for the scholarly community and for now it is going strong in its goal.

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How to Search Research Papers

  • Visit
  • In the top right corner hit the green “search” option.
  • In search field type keywords but apart from this we can also make a search by authors, journals, collections, publishers and much more.

#6 – ResearchGate Unlocker

Open Access Button

This began when some students got tired and frustrated with hitting paywalls, so to fix it they launched this in 2013. It carries public repositories of research so that it’s funded by the public was accessible to all.

Its working is similar to unpaywall with only one exception. When it sees any article is not free then it automatically requests the author to share it by putting it into the repository.

How to use

  • Visit
  • To install its extension hit the “add to chrome” option.
  • If next time you can’t access research you need then hit the open access button to have access to it.

Now, if you do not use chrome then the online version can also be utilized which is accessible at

#7 – CORE UK – A useful repository

This one is an aggregator of open access research published in the open repositories and journals around the globe. Its basic aim is to provide support to the rights of citizens and the general public so that they can access the results of work towards which they contributed in the form of paying taxes, for now, it has achieved its goal.

To use CORE:

  • Visit
  • In search field type keywords.
  • Hit the “search” button.
  • To download any research paper click on the “Get PDF” button.

ResearchGate Downloader Alternatives

  1. CourseHero Downloader and Unlocker (Combined).
  2. Free Academia Document Downloader.

ResearchGate Downloader Free – Download Research Paper Documents

Information is vital for any paper or document you are writing to increase credibility and backing for it. This is where you can use ResearchGate Downloader free online to unlock any scientific, medical, engineering, or mathematical paper you want. These are peer-reviewed and various lecturers and teachers have collaborated to give an accurate answer so you can stay rest assured the paper has facts.

Remember: You will need to install a PDF viewer before viewing the files.

Setup size: 59 MB (Before extraction).


Version: 1.0 (Initial release).

ResearchGate Downloader (Latest)

ResearchGate Downloader - Free Research Papers
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