Guide: Stream Netflix on Discord Without a Black Screen 2022

In recent times, Discord has got many updates to make it one of the best communication platforms which not only focus on gamers. An example of this is Stage Channels, which is the company’s clubhouse-like features used to encourage open interactions. Today, many users are joining it and if you are a newbie then let’s see how you can stream Netflix on Discord. We shall provide you with step-by-step instructions with sound and any black screen problems.

How To Stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen (3 Methods)

Neftlix on Discord Without Blackscreen

Now, let us be clear from the start we cannot stream this on mobile applications including Android and iOS due to certain limitations by DRM. If you are not only looking for Netflix then you can also host a Spotify listening party on this. Let’s see how all this can be done.

These steps can be followed to stream any TV shows and movies across any popular streaming services like Disney+, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video.

Make sure to have Discord Installed

You need to download this application if you have been using it through the web version. This can be done from the official site of the company. Once done, sign in by scanning the QR code from mobile or using its credentials.

Do not use Hardware Acceleration

A black screen is the main issue which many users encounter, to fix this:

Turn off the hardware acceleration in the browser. We have done this for three popularly used web browsers; Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Keep in mind to follow steps based on the choice of browser. If you are using one which has not been mentioned then for this go to settings, search for this, and then disable the toggle.

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DekiSoft Tip: The explained method didn’t work on Safari for Mac due to starting with macOS Catalina, one cannot manually turn it on or off therefore you shall witness a black screen.

Stop Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

  1. Open “Chrome”.
  2. Once done, click on the three vertical dos menu at their right top corner and click on “settings”.
  3. After this, go to the “system” tab from the left side bard under the “advanced” settings and disable the toggle which says “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
  4. Restart “Google chrome” once disabling it.

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Stop Hardware Acceleration on Microsoft Edge

  1. Open “Edge”.
  2. Once done, go to settings.
  3. Go to the “system” tab and then disable the toggle which says “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
  4. Restart the browser when done.

Stop Hardware Acceleration on Mozilla Firefox

Stop Hardware Acceleration

  1. Click on “hamburger menu”.
  2. Select “settings”.
  3. Go down till you find the “performance” section under the “general” tab.
  4. You shall see a checkbox that says “use recommended performance settings” here.
  5. Go ahead and “uncheck it”.
  6. You shall another to disable this.
  7. Uncheck the checkbox saying “use hardware acceleration when available” too.

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Play Netflix and Set up Discord With Sound

Now after doing this you are ready to stream Netflix for friends on Discord. For this:

  • Open “Netflix”, and keep your favorite content ready to play.
  • Once this has been done, minimize it and then open “Discord”.
  • In here, click “settings” present next to the username.
  • After this, from settings head to the “active status” tab from the left bar and hit on “add it” present next to “not seeing your game?”
  • Once done, you shall see a list of applications present in the background.
  • Next, pick the browser windows with Netflix and hit on the “add game” button.

Streaming Netflix With Sound

  • Once done, go to the server on which you want to stream and then click on the “stream button” there above the username.
  • As an alternate, one can also join a voice channel, hit “share screen” at the bottom left, and select the browser used to stream Netflix.
  • Pick a preferred channel and set resolution.

Netflix Plugin for Discord

  • Max resolution is 720p at 30fps if you do not have Discord Nitro. You need its subscription to stream it as 1080p or 60fps.
  • Once done, click “Go live” and begin streaming.
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And you are done.

  • The server members can now click on the live tag and join the Netflix party on this application.
  • When you are done and want to end it, simply click on “end call” from the left sidebar.

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Discord Netflix Streaming FAQs

Netflix Discord Streaming FAQs

Casting Netflix TV Shows and Movies to Discord, really possible?

For this, you need to first disable the black screen problem on the browser and then stream your favorite content through it. You can cast Netflix to this and enjoy watching the same content with your friends without any problem.

For this one can live stream directly inside voice chat if the file is placed within the system locally. Now to see online services such as Netflix on this you first need to solve disable the black screen issues.

Can Netflix be streamed on Discord?

Yes, but this results in a black screen issue.

Is this a legal method?

No, it is illegal but if you are a bunch of friends enjoying and causing no harm then you can try it out.

Does the black screen issue have a permanent fix?

Yes, it does this and we have found a method by which one can stream it on Discord directly without any problems.


Netflix is the most popular streaming service around because of its device compatibility and the number of content varieties available. We have shared 3 different methods on how to use Netflix on Discord for streaming your TV shows or movies. These also solve the annoying black screen problem that is commonly reported along with no sound coming when watching content.

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