Fix Bandwidth Transfer Quota Exceeded in Mega (2024 Method)

Everything has limits and so does Mega. Get the joke? It isn’t one! This is a great cloud service but everyone has to pay their bills and server costs. This is where you can use our guide on fixing transfer quota exceeded errors in Mega.

Why would you want to do this though? Below are 5 quick benefits.

  1. Potential storage cloud for businessmen.
  2. Provides excellent security.
  3. Simple to navigate interface.
  4. Features are easy to understand.
  5. Understandable for newbies.

Why does Mega have a Transfer Quota Limit

Its marketing messages start with advanced services and encryption capabilities. With end-to-end encryption, one can have full security and privacy.

For all those who are not aware then end-to-end encryption means that all your data which is gets stored here is encrypted before transmission and while being stressed on Mega’s cloud servers.

It can be decoded by those who you allow to. No one like ISP, attackers, security thefts, government snoops and engineers can decrypt files.

With this, the government and international agencies who even have a proper warrant cannot access your files and the best thing is that the company itself can decrypt files.

Its encryption system is unique as it depends on private keys generated for every user. When we create a Mega account, a private key with long characters and numbers is automatically generated. After this, it can be downloaded and saved in a secured password manager, encrypted USB stick, or even a piece of paper.

Note: Keep the private key in someplace you know, if you lose it then you shall lose access to all the stored files forever.

Downloading anything can be a frustrating process but what irritates me more is when it stops at 90% and becomes worse when the file size is big and you have limited internet access or use mobile data.

5 Ways to Fix Mega Transfer Quota Exceeded Limit on Android, iPhone and PC

Reset Mega Transfer Limit

This is a popular file hosting website that is secured and used by many developers around the globe in XDA and carries some limits free for its users. While downloading you might encounter the “Bandwidth Quota Exceeded” Error, but do you know as we have compiled ways to fix it.

Download Official Mega Utility

To download files simply use this application. Many times it starts the process right away.

  1. Download and install this application.
  2. Once done, copy the download link and the program shall automatically catch the Mega. nz link and begin the download process.

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Mega App v3

Mega Downloader App

It provides its users with a desktop application that comes in and can download as well as save files from its server. Once you have logged into the desktop app the download limit can be exceeded by 4 GB.

We can download this application.

  1. You must turn off the “transfer with MEGA desktop app” option and hit “download”.

  2. Once done, click on the “download MEGA app” option. This shall download the application thereon Windows, Linux PC and Mac. Install and launch it to get files.

  3. After this, you shall be able to download unlimited files.

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Use a Free VPN for unlimited access

This method is very easy but needs a VPN connection, we shall never suggest a free VPN service but you can give try to UFO VPB.

It works in the following way:

  • On your PC download “Mega Downloader”.
  • Download and install VPN software on the system and then set it up.
  • Connect to “VPN location” and run “mega downloader”.
  • Begin to download the file, but as you reach 4 GB, the bandwidth quote, change VPN location.
  • Repeat till the complete file is downloaded.

This was quite easy, but if you wish to stay secure, you need to have a premium subscription at Mega or VPN. We use UFO VPN.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Insufficient transfer quota mega Android Fix

If you have some experience with Mega downloader then all you need to do is combine it with IDM to quickly get files from Mega and also bypass the bandwidth transfer quota limit.

You need to get both programs and then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Install “IDM”.
  2. Then open “Mega Downloader”.
  3. Hit “configuration”.
  4. Select the “streaming” tab, then check “use streaming servers”, and hit “save
  5. Again click the “streaming” tab (not from configuration” then watch online.
  6. Copy the link you wish to get from it on the browser and paste it to “Mega URL Link”.
  7. Copy the new link that appears.
  8. Head back to “IDM”, hit “add URL” and paste it.
  9. Hit “OK”.

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XDownloader to fix any limits

If you do have IDM or use Linux or Mac, we suggest bypassing the Mega bandwidth transfer quota limit and getting the file.

  1. Download and install this on mac, windows, or Linux.
  2. Open it and add Mega account details.
  3. For Mac, hit the “XDownloader” option on the top left side, choose “Preferences” and click on “connection manager”.
  4. For windows, go to settings > connection manager.
  5. Open the “link grabber” and keep this open.
  6. Navigate to the page you wish to download and click right > get link > copy or copy the link simply.
  7. It shall add downloads to the list automatically.
  8. Click right on this app and hit “download”.

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How to use XDownloader to reset transfer quota in Mega

How To Bypass Mega Transfer Quota Exceeded Error with XDownloader

It supports a proxy feature that can fix the download limit by mega and then download files unlimited in number.

  1. It would be best if you imported the proxy to JDownloader.
  2. Either use free public proxies or head to @proxygo to get HTTPS proxies. You can also add as many supported proxies as possible from different sources. It supports Socks4, Socks4 proxies and HTTP.
  3. You need to convert proxies into IP form like
  4. Once proxies have been imported; for Mac go to settings > general settings, for Windows go to settings > change.
  5. Max chunks per download to “15”.
  6. Max simultaneous download to 4.
  7. Click on “start
  8. Make sure to remove proxies that carry any red flags by it.

Download Folder Links and Avoid Mega Bandwidth Transfer Quota Exceeded Error

Link folder will not work therefore you need to have individual file links.

For this:

  1. You need to import files to your mega account.
  2. Once done, click on the file and hit get link > link with a key.

After this, you can download files from this without any limitations with fast speed using a download manager.

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How to check your Mega transfer quota usage

Check Mega Account Usage

This is quite easy. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Log on to your account.
  2. Go to “Settings” on the top-right and go to “My usage“.
  3. Here it will display all your served files and how much bandwidth in GB or TB you have served and how much you have left for the day or month.

What does “Transfer over quota” actually mean

This is alerting you that you have reached your “free” bandwidth limit on the account and need to consider an upgrade.

Conclusion: Did you bypass your Mega Transfer quota?

I know we have shared multiple solutions to the error above but which one worked for you is the million-dollar question! You should have now bypassed Mega transfer quota limits by resetting them. This gives you an unlimited amount to use for personal purposes without having to dip your toes in the premium tier. Enjoy folks.

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