Since launching in October 2004, Ubuntu has been at the heart of various open-source projects. It has the largest community of users online, has helpful documentation, and most importantly it is free. This section will provide various tutorials, guides and reviews that will help you make the most out of this OS.

Parrot OS vs Kali Linux (Ultimate Comparison): Which To Choose?

Parrot OS vs Kali Linux vs Ubuntu Comparison: Which To Choose?

Linux has been known for its different distributions that cater to different needs. The most famous among all is the Kali Linux which is a penetration testing oriented for security professionals....
Ultimate Review: Which Ubuntu Version Should You Use In 2021

Which Ubuntu Version Should You Use? (Ultimate Comparison 2022)

Have you been reading about the reasons to switch to Linux and the benefits of using it and have finally decided to give it a good try then it is good?After...
How To Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB with WoeUSB on Linux

How To Make Bootable Windows 10/11 USB with WoeUSB (Linux)

This is a tool which is used to create a bootable Window 10 USB drive on Linux and is CLI based known as WoeUSB. This is under active development and a...
Best 13 GNOME Extensions That are Beautiful (2021 Collection)

Top 13 Best GNOME Extensions That are Beautiful (2022 Picks)

Extensions are a major part of the overall GNOME experience as they add value to the ecosystem either it is too bold its Desktop Environment (DE) to workflow, to add more...
2 Ways How to resolve add-apt-repository- Command not found an error

Fixed: Add-Apt-Repository Command Not Found Error on Ubuntu/Debian

When you try to add a new software repository then there are chances you face the “add-apt-repository command not found’ Ubuntu error, this article shows you to FIX it for good....

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