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Since 1991 Linux has been at the heart of the open-source community. This section has various helpful guides for you to learn this OS. You will find various recommendations, easy guides, and FOSS tools.

Best 13 GNOME Extensions That are Beautiful (2021 Collection)

13 Best GNOME Extensions that are Beautiful (2023)

Extensions are a major part of the overall GNOME experience as they add value to the ecosystem either it is too bold its Desktop Environment (DE) to workflow, to add more...
How To Use and Install WhatsApp for Linux (Easy Guide)

How To Install and Use WhatsApp on Linux (Easy Guide)

Whatsapp which is a popular messaging application does not provide users with a desktop client. The best thing is that they took this problem into consideration and launched WhatsApp Web.The web...
Best 9 Latex Editors for Windows 11 and Linux (2022 Picks)

9 Best Latex Editors for Windows 11 and Linux (2023)

Many document editing tools are available in the market today as handling digital documents has become a vital part of our lives, there are two kinds of methods that these Latex...
Top 5 Most Stable Linux Distros To Try In 2021 (Developers/Laptops)

Top 5 Most Stable Linux Distros in 2023 (Download Links)

If you are wondering why the term “stable” comes with a Linux operating system or distro then it is due to the availability of many of these variations per the requirement...
Top 8 Best Free Evernote Alternatives for Linux in 2020 (Download)

8 Best Free Evernote Alternatives for Linux in 2023

No doubt that Evernote is a good app to take notes that can be used across Windows, macOS, and other smartphone OS such as Android. The only problem it caters is...
VLC Arc Dark Layout File

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode in Linux, Windows & Android

Today due to different reasons users are opting for a dark theme for devices. Most of the OS includes Windows, Linux and macOS which provide us support for these visual treats....

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