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iStock is a top stock photo agency that sells royalty-free images online that too at affordable prices with minimum payment requirements. It is backed by Getty which are quite popular for their high curacy level and an extensive catalog that carries a wide collection. You can now use the iStockphoto downloader tool that downloads free images without watermarks!

We can purchase these on demand by using credits, spending between $8 and $33 per image all depending on what collection you are selecting and the credit pack you are using. With the lowest prices come subscriptions; you can get different plans to hire both per month and per year to have access to the complete library or to budget pictures only. By spending little as $0.22 to $0.49 we can get images of high quality. If you prefer three things namely quality, variety and affordability then this is the perfect place.

It has a good reputation in the market and along with this it has a great selection of stock images, video, illustrations, vectors as well as audio files which are curated with great quality standards plus they add value with a collection of exclusive content. If you prefer royalty-free picks then this one is worth giving a try.

What is iStockphoto Downloader

It is the first microstock tool that offers stock images on an online searchable library there under a Royalty-free license with little less money. As time has passed today they have many competitors in the market but the best thing about this one is that stayed distinctive.

Today it carries a catalog that has millions of files, vectors, and illustrations which are divided mainly into two collections.

Carries media that are for everyday design needs, they cover mostly all the popular themes and topics and are easy on the pocket as well.

This has large volumes with both higher production value and artistic worth. As these are exclusive to this so are more unique and less widely used. Coming to signature images, then these are quite expensive and still reasonable.

Go for essentials if you want pictures within the budget and can be used for professional designs, but if you are looking for something artistic and can spend from the pocket then the signature is your call.

Note: It carries a high footage library which is curated into two; signature and essentials. These can be bought per file that too on-demand and with credits or elsewise with a premium subscription for both the image and video downloads.

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iStockphoto Downloader Features

iStockphoto Downloader Features

It sells images through the minimum purchase requirement and then in bulks but after some time it added the option of “stock photo subscriptions”. For now, they are combining a credits system for the buying which is done on-demand and subscription plans which offer users the lowest prices.

Earn Credits for your work

It carries a simple credit system. All their prices are files in credits which means they can sell you credit packs that you pay upfront and later can be used to download images you intend to have. The bigger the credit pack you have less is each user’s credit cost and therefore the cheaper they would be. They have packs that range from 3 up to 300 credits thus making each from $12 to as low as $8.

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The great thing is that according to the resolution or size of the image they don’t price them, but do it according to the collection. How cool is that? It has recently added another feature which is called quick checkout. If you want only one image then all you need to do is click on the download option on the image and it shall take you to the payment page directly skipping the other steps. Now, the price is the same but you are saving a lot of time.

It offers users many budgets for subscriptions. Download limits are there which each plan but these can be hired both monthly and annually. Moreover, it has two alternates:

  • Basic subscriptions which are only for essentials downloads, are cheap.
  • Premium plans provide you access to both of these.

In the monthly plans, there are four different volume options and they begin at just 10 and end up with 750 images per month. The prices vary between $40 and $199 for all the basic plans and from $99 to $399 for the premium plan. Now, better prices are offered to the user by annual plans; basic is $29 to $166, and premium is from $70 to $333. This means many pictures per month and the cost is as less as $0.22 each.

iStock Premium Subscription

It has added a new offer for users in which they can download both images and videos from both the collections that too with the same subscription.

It has 3 different volume options; 10, 25 and 50 downloads per month. If hired month to month then prices are: $170, $270 and $410 respectively. If you want to save on costs, go for their annual subscription.

If you use stock footage in your work then these plans are great as users get high-quality video content for as little as $6.16 per clip which otherwise is high.

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Quick and Easy Search

It adds useful functions in order to make its offer an easy one for all the buyers. What main they do is make it easy to find pictures.

Now, they have a great in-built keyword-driver search tool, especially for this. By using their very own controlled vocabulary they deliver fast results which are based on keywords that need to be entered in the search field. It carries an auto-suggest feature that throws in popular searches with what you are typing. With advanced functions, you can filter further results. Users have a variety of options to sort them out.

The best feature no matter what is “search by image” through which you can use any media file of your choice as a search parameter, using image recognition technology in order to find out similar content therefrom within the library. For this, you simply need to upload the one you want to find similar and the rest shall be taken care of by the system.

Royalty-Free Image Files

The images it carries come under this license which grants them perpetual use in different projects that too without any geographical limitations and for commercial, editorial and personal reasons. The best thing is that it is both flexible and affordable; by paying once you can use it forever with accepted terms. By default they come with a standard license and prices are expressed on their site corresponding to this option.

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However, there lie some restrictions that are used with this license and you have to abide by them. To start with the print run is only limited to 500,000 copies and the user cannot use photos in the product for the resale purpose be that be digital or physical.

Now, extensive licenses are available that too at a higher point of 18 credits and it eliminates some main restrictions in Standard RF license but keep in mind that every extended right is sold as a separate license, allowing the user to add as many as they prefer; unlimited print runs, use in physical products for resale purpose, multi-seat, use there in digital templates for resale purpose as well as greater legal guarantee coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iStock Downloader FAQs

Is iStock Downloader 100% free

Well no, you can sign up for free at its site, surf the libraries and save them later, videos, and illustrations which they release once a week on their homepage. To download a specific category you need to pay for them all this depends upon your need and budget.

Yes, it is for some time that gives users the first month of basic, annual essentials plan all for free including 10 free stock image requests. This is there in a few select countries such as Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Do I have to pay for this online tool or require a license

Yes, all its license agreements are free, standard and extended licenses are there. As you pay for one and download it then there is no need to pay another penny to use it.

No, as these are royalty-free and suited for commercial use you still need to pay if you intend to use them. Though the agreement is flexible still carries some restrictions regarding how users can use the content.

Do the images really come without a watermark on them

The only way is to use the download button present on their image page(s) for an official and authorized download. For this you have 3 options; for free get their weekly files from the homepage, you can use 10 free picture downloads from their free trial, or download pictures using credits or a subscription. You can also use a snipping tool to crop around an image and save it via the browser.

Will it work with Getty Images

Yes, they are owned by them and share a similar backend, just simply paste the URL and it will work for you. They are deemed to be a pioneer on the web which is backed up by Getty images which is the parent company. You can also run a scan by VirusTotal and it shows safe if you have any concerns.

iStock Downloader Online – Download free images without watermark

iStockphoto Downloader Online

Images speak more than a thousand words, agree? I’m sure you do! This is where the iStock photo downloader can be used to get images without watermarks. It works online and supports Windows 10/11, Android and iPhone. It works over any modern web browser.

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Versionv1.002 (Latest)

iStockphoto Downloader (Latest)

iStockphoto Downloader Free
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iStockphoto downloader allows you to save your favorite images without a watermark symbol on various platforms. The biggest advantage is that it is completely free to use and only requires your account details to log in and authorize.istock-downloader-free

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