How To View Private Instagram Profiles and Pictures 2023

When someone especially your friend is cheating on you then it becomes quite difficult to anonymously view their private Instagram profile. This tutorial shows you how you can view someone’s private account without any special methods.

Like all other media platforms, Instagram is another photo-sharing application which in recent times has gained a lot of popularity. Today it has been quite established and known for maintaining strict privacy.

We can share everything on this from family pictures to non-public ones and also increase followers by consistently updating pictures and stories.

Why do people keep their Instagram Profile Private

It totally depends on the user whether they want to keep their profiles private or public; this relies on how they have represented themselves.

Some people like to stalk other users’ activities and pictures or what they are doing. This is the reason why people tend to keep their accounts private.

Send the particular person request if you want to check his profile or spy by using the following methods.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles, Pictures and Stories (6 Methods)

In certain ways, hidden posts and videos of someone’s account can be seen.

Even if someone has blocked you even then it is possible to see their profile. However, this is one of the least preferred options.

All this can be done with help of Instagram viewer tools.

Use a secondary alias account

Alias Account

Now, what to do if the following request is not accepted by the particular person? The way out to this is to make a fake profile.

This is seemed to be a hierarchical way to view someone’s profile.

Now create a profile that features a lady in the display picture as this gets an 80% positive response as compared to male accounts.

Be sure that the image and profile tend to look real.

Make your bio sound good which looks practical as well as attractive.

All this might increase your chance of getting approved.

When you keep your account private then it makes others curious about it.

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Send Follow Request

Follow the user

These are the first things that come into someone’s mind which is appropriate as well. The best part it saves you from all the hassle to view someone’s profile.

Let’s see how this can be done.

If you wish to see someone’s stories and posts then send them a request but keep in mind if you are an acquaintance only then the request gets accepted and the user might give you a follow back as well, but it stays there if you are a stranger.

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People tend to stay away from profiles that are unknown, for this lets them realize the true sensation you have for them.

It might be possible that the person accepts your follow request and then you can enjoy viewing their everyday activities.

Instalooker Site

Instalooker Site

Third-party tools can be used for this purpose as well. This is an old tool used to spy on private profiles. You can have a confirmation regarding this for someone elder at your place.

This is an influential private Instagram viewer to spy on such profiles.

It comes in 4 different languages; English, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

It is easy to use and 100% secure and the best part it does not affect your system in any way.

For this:

  • Click on in the browser to visit the site.
  • Once on the homepage, you shall see the “spy now” button in blue color.
  • Click on this button.
  • You shall go to the next page, you shall see which colored rectangle box which says “Instagram Username”, enter the correct of the profile you wish to spy on.
  • Wait for few minutes.
  • You shall see the profile you wish to view anonymously without the user noticing.

Dakar Private Instagram Viewer

Private Instagram Viewer

This is another third-party application.

At times certain methods do not provide with desired results, in this we suggest you to see the private account in some other mode.

This is one of the easiest yet simple ways to view someone’s profile.

The mentioned site is safe to use. We do not trust other sites for such purposes. These applications are not officially affiliated with Instagram.

For this:

  • Visit
  • Once on the homepage, you shall see the “spy now” button.
  • Click on this, page shall attend the tool ahead of you.
  • It shall ask to enter the desired username of the profile you wish to spy.
  • Click on the “Access Profile” button.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Once everything is done, you can view the authentic profile through Instagram View Tool.

Create a Duplicate Doppelganger Account

Doppelganger Account

You can create a doppelganger account of a friend with whom the specific account holder interacts. Find this out on Facebook.

Once done, make a profile on Instagram with their picture and edit it in a way that looks real.

This however is a good option but requires patience.

You shall get into trouble for making an account in someone else’s name. This is only for educational purposes.

Google Search their profile

Use Google

Another way in which you can peek into someone’s profile is by searching the username on Google.

For this:

  • Find them with their actual name within the application.
  • After this copy and then paste the ID on Google.
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Google keeps a digital footprint of all the profiles. Albeit the profile is private, there are still some chances that you get some data out of it.

One can view their old posts back when their profile was public. Google shows some private pictures on a certain profile.

It stores the contexts of the pictures at least you shall be able to see the profile picture of the holder of the account.

Why use an Instagram Story Viewer

We can use the default application to use any of its features. Third-party applications can also be used to change it with PrivatePhotoView one can change the way it displays its pictures as well as videos. It has some features which users desire to have. These apps are also called User Viewers.

It changes the way contents are displayed. Some might not like this but through profile viewers, things can be changed to the way they were. With many new features, users can also bypass settings. With this one can bypass the default setting to see any private content. Such applications are known as private viewers.

With this one can view private pictures and profiles. This can be found online quite easily. For this, type in “Private profile viewer” or “Instagram viewer” in the search bar.  Many sites on the internet give free downloads for this but some might be malicious to use but if you know from where to look at them you can get it very easily. If you android user then you don’t need to download and install it, just use Stalker Online to view profiles.

You cannot find this on the official application store; you might need extra steps to use them. To use on iOS you do not need to jailbreak the device.

Use Instagram Stories Profile viewer on PC

This is a native application that works like the Windows 10 and Windows 11 application.

One needs to allow for specific settings on an Android device to proceed with the process of installation. Such a setting is known as “Unknown sources” and is displayed by default. Since it can be found there under the security options but the exact location might vary different versions. Once it has been enabled, one can open the private profile viewer app file to install it.

It is a need to enable this setting before you can install Instagram plus apk files not download from the Play Store including the Instagram private profile viewer app file. If you try to open any app file without enabling this setting then you shall see a message which says that the action you are about to take is blocked. From this message box, one can easily find this setting as beside it there is a button that takes you to it.

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Conclusion: Do you view Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there now. We have 6 proven methods on how to view private Instagram Profiles in 2023. You will now be able to see private pictures too using various sites and simple Google search skills.

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