How To Hide Mouse Cursor in Windows 11 (Ultimate Guide)

The first mouse cursor was debuted some 50 years ago by Douglas Engelbart. This was deemed to be the digital finger that helped users to utilize their way through computers.

Previously it was just a tiny, titled black arrow but for now, it features a black outline with a white body or vice versa. Though this is not that popular some users do make use of custom images and icons as mouse cursors.

A Little History on the Cursor

For as long as we know users have been using cursors and pointers on systems and laptops are they are indispensable tools.

Now at times we do not want them on the screen and wish they would disappear. It happens especially when we are watching our favorite series or movies on VLC or Netflix. When we don’t use the cursor for some time then it disappears for few seconds but in this article, we have discussed other ways to hide it in the new Microsoft Windows 11.

Why Hide Your Mouse Cursor

At times professional game bloggers record their games to upload them on social media platforms like Youtube so their subscribers can see them.

If anyhow the cursor pops in between the game then it makes it quite unprofessional. Moreover, being a gamer focus is the center of attention and if the cursor pops up then attention might get diverted.

Reason to change mouse cursor

Just like games people also record some parts of their favorite shows and movies to share on their social media platforms. If in all this mouse cursor pops up then the essence of the video is lost.

At times while typing the cursor irritates a lot, it lands next to the alphabet or sentence thus changing the complete formation of the entire sentence.

Making a few changes in the settings of Windows 11 can solve this issue.

How To Hide Mouse Cursor in Windows 11 (Various Methods)

Hide Cursor in Media Players

We can hide the cursor in the media player while watching a movie or video. For this, we can click on the period key on the keyboard. This shall hide it away from the view.

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If this does not work then you can try a keyboard trick; use the space bar to pause and un-pause video.

This is an effective method as we can get rid of the cursor quickly.

Hide Mouse Cursor in any software

Hide Mouse Cursor

For this, we can also get third-party software. Many tools are available which users can get on windows 11 to hide it like:

  • Auto Hide Cursor Freeware; a tool that is used to hide cursor and pointer.

Get it from the official site < run installer > follow on-screen instructions.

In the preferences heading of software, check the option “start with windows” so you do not have to start it manually.

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Hide Mouse Cursor in Audio Utilities 

We want our cursor to always be visible when we are using the recording software. The methods mentioned above do not work on all the applications or games so you can give try another method.

All you need to do is lookout for a different recording application that does not force the cursor to stay on the screen and remain visible.

Hiding it in Unity

For this:

  • LockState = CursorLockMode. Locked;
  • Visible = false.

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  • Click right on its tray icon.
  • Click on the “favorites” window.

The preferences window shall give you a slide that sets the time to hide it automatically.

Hiding it in Dolphin Browser

  1. You need to enter the “config”.
  2. Install it in the interface like before.
  3. Check out the point “always hide mouse cursor” option there at bottom of the visibility menu.
  4. The cursor shall not be visible when playing on full screen.

OBS comes with a setting in which it prevents us from recording the pointer.

  1. Right-click on the source of the video.
  2. Select “properties”.
  3. After this un-check the “capture cursor”.

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Change the Mouse Pointer

Change Mouse Pointer

We can change the pointer of the screen. For this:

  1. Open “control panel”, you shall see the “mouse” option.
  2. Click on it; go to the “pointer” option in the same menu.
  3. Click on “hide pointer when typing”.

How to make your mouse pointer completely invisible

Make Mouse Cursor Invisible

  1. Click “Start button”, then “control panel”.
  2. After this click on “mouse” under the hardware and software section.
  3. Click on “identification options” present at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the box lying next to the “hide identifier while typing” option.
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Make Mouse Cursor Disappear while not moving

You need to set your cursor to hide automatically.

  1. You need to download and install “AutoHideMouseCursor”.
  2. Once done launch the downloaded program.
  3. The idle trigger is set to 5 seconds by default.
  4. There in the preferences heading you need to see the option with the “windows starter label” option.

This is all you need to know about cursors really. I hope you have now learned to hide or change your mouse cursor in Windows 11. There are various icons or wallpapers you can also change to for a better and more rich experience.

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