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Best 12 Linux ASCII Games That are Modern Looking

Best 12 Linux ASCII Games That are Modern Looking For 2022

A decade back terminal-based games were quite popular when you did not have visual masterpieces such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman, and God of War, or Grand Theft Auto 5....
Minecraft Windows 11 Edition

How To Download and Install Minecraft Windows 11 Edition

A popular game developed by Mojang in the year. It is a sandbox game for PC, mobile devices and many console platforms. For now, more than 127 million people play it....
Best Gaming Monitor for League of Legend

5 Cheap and Great Gaming Monitors for League of Legends 2022

You need to have a good gaming monitor for a smooth playing experience. We spend a lot of money on games but these are of no use if do not have...
How To Play PlayStation 5 Games on Windows 10 (3 Effective Ways)

How To Play PS5 Games on Windows 10/11 (3 Effective Ways)

There is no fun than playing your console on big HDR/4K Television from your couch, but the issue is that you cannot always be hogging the living room. Sony comes with...

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