Download Gaming Theme for Windows 10 - #1 Games Skin Pack

This theme includes 35 pictures that serve high-quality wallpapers and a color scheme change to make up its Windows 7. Windows 8, 8.2 and Windows 10 gamer theme pack download. It will ultimately suit you if you are someone who owns an MSI, Asus ROG or even an Alienware laptop and are a hardcore gamer.

What you need to know about this theme pack

These are some of the best video game series of all time. They feature good artwork for every game franchise from all genres. From classics such as Super Mario and Sonic, RPGs like Fallout and Mass Effect, FPS action such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, and Stealth action such as Metal Gear and Splinter Cell to different games for systems and consoles. All this for the ultimate gamer in you.

What you get with it:

It carries different HD wallpapers which act as a slideshow that changes in every 30 minutes along with the Window’s color scheme change. The wallpapers are of 1920 into 1080 resolution or even more and fit both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

It can work with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, RT 8.1, RT and Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions.

For this:

  • You need to download it.
  • Then save to your system.
  • After this run the .themefile to install it.

Why is this Skin Pack based around Games?

We have a lot of game lovers if we look at our society people are crazy over them. Gaming is bigger than ever. The gaming industry is much bigger than both cinema and music. Today, with the advent of mobile gaming many people play more. Its appeal, however, is still a mystery for many people.

Many of us played when we were young whereas some of us never picked one in our life. What is its landscape and why so many people are into it?

18 million people play in the UK according to the GameTrack (Q4 2016) this equates to around 38% of all in the 6 to 64 age bracket. Players are imagined as adolescent males most of the time but stats show that this demographic makes only 16% of the audience. Moreover, 43% are female players in the UK and the audience is split fairly across the age groups.

This diversification is seen mainly due to mobile gaming. Previously they were tied to bespoke hardware by now are easily accessible through tablets and games. This has opened them up to different people and secured a huge place in the market with big hitters like Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon GO.

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Now one thing that might interest you is that everyone who plays on mobile would not consider themselves as “gamers”. In reality, this shift has created a divide among casual gamers (mobile) and self-proclaimed “real gamers” who play on systems and consoles.

Though the audience is diversifying, the industry is dominated by male developers and caters to the presumed heterosexual male audience often. This, unfortunately, leads to over-sexualized female characters to play as. All these queries were called into question the 2014’s “Gamergate Controversy” and all thanks to all the developers who have made efforts for a long time to provide diverse experiences and options for their users.

MSI Gaming Theme for Windows 10

The game consoles are dedicated machines that are intended for home use. If you have played an Atari, Sega Megadrive, Nintendo 64, or SNES then this is the kind we are talking about. The biggest players in the console market are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, its current models are Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, you also have Nintendo’s 3DS along with Sony’s PlayStation Vita; these are referred to as HandHelds commonly and are miniature game consoles that are designed to be played on the go.

Systems and laptops are used by gamers just like consoles and are built specially to optimize the graphics and performance of games. Games on the system or MAC are played by using the game or publisher-specific software or at times via an internet browser.

If you have a tablet or a smartphone then there are chances that it is capable of playing games. These can be purchased through online stores like any other kind of application and downloaded into the device all ready to be played.

Gaming Skin Pack for Windows 10

Now, along with the rise of mobile gaming, a lot of growth has been seen in online gaming. A fact, not all games can be played online but current consoles are capable of this. The same goes for mobile phones and systems. Online means that you have to play against other players across the internet.

Certain games will have a “friend” system; users can play against others who have added them like on Facebook. Other games group you with other players around the world- at times randomly and at times based on skill level or preferences.

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Popular game wallpapers you will find included:

Asus Rog Themes and Wallpapers

Popular game genres are shifting constantly and also differ across which platform they are being played on. Check out the following list of current popular genres with some examples:

  • First-Person Shooters: The action games tend to focus on gun or projectile-based combat via the first-person viewpoint. These include Call of Duty, Overwatch, BioShock, Battlefield and Destiny.
  • Action-Adventure: These are games in which players traverse and explore different environments and include Combat and Puzzle-solving. These include Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, Uncharted, The Legend of Zelda, God of War and Bayonetta.
  • Sports: These games stimulate the strategy and physics of real-world professional sports. Examples include Minecraft, Terraria, Skyrim and Fallout.
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: These are online games played as two competing teams attempting to capture or destroy the base of each other. Examples include Dota 2League of LegendsHeroes of the Storm, and
  • Real-Time Strategy: Quite similar to Moba but is sometimes played against AI despite online. Examples include WarcraftStarcraftClash of Clansand Clash Royale.
  • Role-Playing Game: These focus on rich storylines, character development and complex game systems. Examples include Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Mass Effect and Persona.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game: Just like RPG but these are played without thousands of players. Examples include World of WarcraftElder Scrolls OnlineEVE Onlineand Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Fighting genre: These include close-quarter combat with an opponent; such fights take place over different levels. Examples include Street FighterMortal KombatSuper Smash Bros and Tekken.
  • Simulation genre: A big category of games designed specifically to stimulate activities of the real world like farming, aviation, interior design, city planning and much more. Examples include Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and SimCity.

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Gaming Theme Download for Windows 10 – Top Gamers Skin Pack

Without a second doubt, this is one of the most desired Windows 10 themes available. I hope you enjoy downloading this gaming theme for your PC as it has MSI and Asus ROG touches to it.

Download Gaming Theme for Windows 10

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