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This is an online search engine to search anything related to visuals, graphics, logos and vectors. In other words, this is an infographic software that carries a large database to find out free and premium vector designs. It is a site where users can find out vector graphics even shared by other users in the community. However, the problem was saving the files as desired, to solve this our team created Freepik Premium downloader online which is free of cost that allows you to do exactly that.

What is Freepik Premium Downloader

About Freepik Premium Downloader

You can select from thousands of pictures, vectors, icons as well as illustrators. The best thing about this one is that it keeps on adding resources if you intend to use free resources then for this you need to give credit to the original creator but if you are paying then in this case you do not need to give any kind of attribution. Resources downloaded from this can be used for both personal and commercial reasons.

Image completes and adds life to a blog post, banner, or social media post. The power of visuals can never be ignored. It matters to find out the correct image, icon and even the design. The only problem over is here is that we are not all designers therefore some of us need to find out these graphic elements from third parties.

Many sites are available on the net on which we can find such design elements, some offer a lot for free and on some, you need to pay. However, there are some providers which offer both free and paid resources. This one belongs to the third category and is a freemium service.

On this, some resources are free while others come in free, free only need attribution and you need to give credit to the author. If not then you need to buy a premium subscription and use premium graphics that can be used without giving any kind of attribution.

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The company states that for now, it has more than 100 million downloads across various platforms.

Now let’s take you through the journey of Freepik so that you can make a decision on buying it or not.

Freepik Premium Downloader Features

Freepik Downloader Features

This unique tool offers various useful features and some of them are below:

Potential to earn commission

Use to get a handsome amount in your pocket if you are a designer or a photographer. For this, simply upload your work on this platform and ask editors to review it, once your work gets approved you can start adding more content and earn when anyone purchases it.

A database with millions of files

It provides users with a massive collection of PSDs, Vectors as well as photos. You can make your selection from millions of components. It is quite easy to find the picture or graphic you are looking for. Unfortunately, if you do not find the exact fix then don’t worry as you get an alternative.

Organized and easy to find

It is categorized in a neat manner and all its elements and resources are divided into four categories; Vectors, PSD files, Icons and Stock Photos.

Every category then has various sub-categories which help to narrow down research. Its navigation system is very user-friendly.

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Why you shouldn’t use other Freepik Downloaders online (3 Reasons)

Other Online Freepik Downloader

They are not legit and may include viruses

Many complaints have been given out on the rudeness of the support staff. Moreover, their customer support is not reliable, and many say that their credit cards have been charged even when they canceled their subscription. This however results in a terrible turn-off for all.

They are paid and not free

If you do not want to become a paid member then it is totally your choice. Keep in mind that as a free user you have the choice to register or not with the website.

If you make a decision not to register then what you can do is download 3 resources per day, with a registration limit increased to 10 each day.

Contributions are not paid a lot

Complaints have been filed by many contributors that its model is not good. Few have spent all of their time like months in creating graphic resources and ended up earning only cents. There are of course complaints that publishing standards are quite high barring many contributors from getting in.

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Now, keep in mind even you have a premium membership that does not allow you to download as many resources as you want in a single day. For some members there are certain download limitations which include the following:

  • Non- registered users: 3 downloads per day.
  • Registered users: 10 downloads per day.

Premium members can get 100 resources per day which seems to be a bad restriction and this should not be happening especially when many competitors are present in the market that allow unlimited downloads per day.

Now for all the individual users and small businesses out there, limitations are fine but for the bigger organizations, such limitations can be choking.

Alternative Online Downloader Tools

  1. Embedded Video Downloading Guide.
  2. Udemy Course Downloader.

Freepik Premium Downloader (Latest) – Download Free Media Files

Freepik is a great new emerging platform for finding very innovative vector and graphic files. It is helpful if you constantly use applications like Adobe Photoshop and other such editors. Freepik downloader is free so you would only sign in with your subscription and enjoy the convenience of being able to save it offline on your PC, Mac or Android same as StuDocu allows you to do.

Note: The browser extension is also included and is currently tested to work on Chrome only. The whole project is also open source and the code will be available on GitHub.


The extension works flawlessly on Chrome after you have enabled it. It picks the links straight and drops them in your local ‘Downloads’ folder


The CLI-Version works in the Terminal or CMD and only requires you to input the URL or the path on where you would like the files to be available.

File Size74 MB
File TypesPSD, Images, Icons and Vectors
PriceFree (Open-source license)
NameFreepik Premium Downloader
Review Score4.0/5.0
Version2.0 [Updated]

Freepik Premium Downloader (Latest)

Freepik Premium Downloader
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freepik-premium-downloaderFreepik Premium Downloader is the best online tool to save your favorite illustrations locally. It works on all major platforms and also has an extension for quick access. It also does not cost anything and is free for personal use.

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