Audio Devices and Wireless Display Not Connecting in Windows 11 (Fixed)

There is always a music lover hidden inside of us that uses headphones and prefers to connect them over Bluetooth. Well, the same for us who like larger displays and may like to cash our screen to a wireless display. All fun and games but what if it doesn’t work on Windows 11? For some of you where it isn’t working, we have 4 troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get it back up and running.

About Wireless Displays and Screen Mirroring

This is any kind of display like flat panel LED, LCD, Projector, Video Wall and others which can be accessed from a separate device wirelessly like a tablet, laptop, or smartphone device. Wireless display solutions present in the market operate over standard IP networks such as wifi. To put in other words, to connect users join wifi network to which a wireless network is attached. Today enterprises in general display solutions are separate consoles or dongles which plug into existing displays to them wirelessly accessible.

With these displays, we can share content from a device to the display without being tethered to the display with help of a video cable. With this, we can present our presentations in the conference rooms wirelessly.

Does your PC/Laptop Support Miracast

Miracast Support

Are you trying to fix connections to Bluetooth wireless displays in Windows 11 then you don’t need to worry if your system does not provide support to Miracast.

For those who do not know Miracast is a wireless screen-mirroring protocol through which we can broadcast anything from Miracast-capable devices such as the Windows 11 system to your TV device. Your connections shall continue to fail if the TV device is not Miracast capable device.

To check this out you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click right on the start menu and hit “run”.
  • In the run command, you need to enter “dxdiag” and hit “ok”. This shall open up the “DirectX Diagnostic Tool”.
  • On the bottom right of the tool, you need to click on “save all information”.
  • After this on the “save as” dialogue box you need to choose a specific location in order to save the file and note it down and hit “save”.
  • Next, open up the text file and from the keyboard press the “Ctrl and F keys” at the same time in order to display the “find box”. Now, on “find what field you need to enter “Miracast” and hit “Find Next”. As you Miracast, make sure that it displays “available”.
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4 Ways To Fix Bluetooth Not Connecting to Headphones and Wireless Displays

Enable Bluetooth Tab

Enable Bluetooth

It bothers me a lot when performing a simple task like connecting Bluetooth to Windows 11 can be so tough. For this, you need to be sure that it is turned on the device.

  • You need to search for “Bluetooth”, as the search appears click on “Other devices settings”.
  • In here, make sure that the toggle button present below is turned on. If you want to refresh the setting, though it is turned on, toggle it off and then again toggle it on.

Once this is done, it shall make the search for another device that lies in range. Still, if you are not able to find your device then give try another method.

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Re-install Bluetooth Drivers

Install Bluetooth Drivers

  1. You need to click right on the start menu in Windows 11 and choose “device manager”.
  2. Here you need to find the Bluetooth category and then expand it.
  3. Next, click right on the primary device and choose “update driver”.
  4. Here, you need to select the first option which is “search automatically for drivers”. This shall search the net for an updated driver for the device.
  5. Once the search is done and it finds an updated driver, install a new updated driver. If the system already has an updated driver for Bluetooth devices then all you need to do is close the updated driver’s wizard and move on to the next one.

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Pair and repair the device

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then do worry and try to remove the device and repair it again.

  1. You need to search for “Bluetooth” and then open it up.
  2. After this, you need to click on the device having the connection problem and then hit “remove device”

Basic Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Trouble Bluetooth Audio Issues

  1. You need to search for “find and fix problems with Bluetooth devices” and then from the results open the up troubleshooter.
  2. After this, on the first screen of the troubleshooter, hit “next”.
  3. Next, all you need to do is wait up for this to check for problems, as it finishes it shall provide you with the feedback. As the problem gets fixed make sure to connect with the device you were having issues connecting with.
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Bluetooth is an essential way of connecting useful accessories to your computer. It has evolved over the years with the latest being at 5.0. Various issues were reported in Windows 11 where it was not connecting especially with audio devices including headphones from Sony, JBL, Apple and Sennheiser.

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