Cydia Impactor Old Version Download For iOS 14, iOS 15 (2022)

This is a custom tool that is built for the Windows Operating System through which iPhone and iPad users can transfer custom IPA app files to their Apple device. Most commonly this is used to transfer unregistered apps to these devices; Cydia Impactor download has gained a lot of popularity among users by being a reliable tool to jailbreak iOS 14 and 15 devices. We have uploaded the old version for you that is compatible with Windows and Mac.

It is also used to sideload apps in both devices which are both jailbroken and not. Moreover, it can also exploit many android “master key” vulnerabilities which enable users to install new ROMs and apps to locked android devices.

It has many useful features like:

  • It serves as a bridge between the system and iOS or Android devices, which is a reliable way to unlock bootloaders and rooting android mobile phones.
  • Carries extensive support to install or flash apps, addons, kernel mods as well as app mod packages.
  • Carries in-built support for USB drivers.

Now, keep in mind that if you download untested apps from just random sources then it might introduce malicious software on your device. This needs Apple IS in order to communicate with the devices, the best thing is it does not store this information.

About Cydia Impactor for iOS

What is Cydia Impactor

This application features a no-nonsense design that carries tools in many drop-down menus plus an access area to establish communication with the target device. The tools are set in a way that they are separated into 5 different drop-down menus; Impactor, bridge, device, fast boot, USB, and Xcode, among these the best are found in Device tab-reboot, run program, bootloader, open shell, watch log as well as install package.

The best this is that it can install files to either an iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking if one can provide a verified Apple ID and Password. Keep in your mind that apps that do not have a native Apple certificate will only work for a week on the device before their temporary certificate runs out.

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If you want to access your device through this then:

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Enable “USB Debugging Mode”.

Doing this shall prepare and open up the device for communication and access deepest system areas; it is a key for the root procedure of any Android device.

This communicates with devices only through a direct USB connection. It can’t support a wireless connection. The best thing is that it comes in free as well as optimized for use on all versions of the Windows Operating System.

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Why use Cydia Impactor

There is a lot that can be done; modification of the device, installation of various themes, do customization as one wants.

Android Benefits

  1. Carries an unlimited download of themes.
  2. Get various apps not allowed in Google Play Store.
  3. Get hacked games not present in the play store.
  4. Works like a Root but in reality, it is not an actual root.
  5. Carries the possibility to get custom recoveries, root packages, and ROMs.

Apple iOS Benefits

  1. Works on all non-jailbroken devices.
  2. Install apps from third-party sources using the IPA extension.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. 100% secure.
  5. Able to install the tweaked app as well as hacked games.

How To Use Cydia Impactor – A Detailed Guide for iOS 14 and iOS 15

How To Use Cydia Impactor on iPhone

If one has two-factor authentication enabled on their iPhone device then it would interfere with the process of installation, but, it can be disabled.

Follow the methods below:

IPA file Installations

  • Download this on Mac or Windows PC.
  • Once done, get the required .ipa files for the app being side-loading.
  • Connect system and iOS device through lightning cable.
  • Open the application and check to see that the device is connected.
  • After this, find out the .ipa file and then drag this to the open Impactor window.
  • Hit “ok” on the expired certificates warning.
  • Then type in Apple ID as well as password, hit “OK”.
  • After this the app shall retrieve and sign the app certificate, you shall see the app icon on the home screen as this is done.
  • Open iOS settings and click on “general”.
  • Click on “profiles and device management”.
  • List of app certificates shall load, find and click on the one which is required for the sideload application.
  • Hit “trust” and close the settings.

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IPA files Installation with 2FA Turned On

  • Open browser, it can be either Safari or Chrome.
  • Open
  • Once done log into the account.
  • You shall be asked to follow 2FA steps to get in the account. Do this.
  • As it loads, you shall get a message that this has been enabled ad you shall also see an App-specific password, click on this.
  • After this, you need to select a name for the label and hit “create”.
  • Follow all these steps till you enter Apple ID, put it, and use a new password that is generated.

Cydia IPA Installation

  • Follow the steps mentioned in method 1.
  • Once this has been done, the IPA file is installed and the application is all ready to use.

Download Cydia Impactor for iOS 14, iOS 15, Windows and Mac (Old Version)

If you are into jailbreaking then Cydia Impactor for iPhone download is very important. This is the old version that is tested to work on iOS 14 and iOS 15. It also includes all the relevant repos for your needs.

Downloading Process

  1. Go to your “browser”.
  2. Open “Cydia Impactor Website”.
  3. You shall see hyperlinks anchored to various OS.
  4. Choose the appropriate one. Keep in mind that every type of file shall be different depending on OS which has been picked.
  5. After this browser shall download the file.
  6. Find where the file has been saved and double-click on it to begin the process of installation.
  7. Click “allow” as the prompt asks to export “access” shows up.
  8. After this connect device to the system.

Cydia Impactor Requirements

  1. Have the latest version of iOS in case of provision.cpp. 150 error.
  2. If you use Linux OS, be careful in downloading this, especially for 32 or 64-bit systems.
  3. The system and device need to have the same date and time.
  4. If you use an APK file on an Android phone, then it needs USB drivers, therefore, has the necessary drivers.
  5. The latest version of iTunes for windows platformed systems/
  6. No Xcode app for this.
  7. Have the latest version of iTunes if the system has a MAC platform.

Cydia Impactor Download (All Versions)

Cydia Impactor for iPhone, Mac and Android Download (Old Version)
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Cydia Impactor is a powerful tool for installing IPA files and now you can download it for iOS 15 and iOS 14. It is compatible with all major operating systems and is currently supported by its author "Saurik" or Jay

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