How To Disable the Windows Key in Windows 11 (Games/Apps)

If you have noticed on every keyboard a Windows keys is located which is used for different purposes. Use this to open the start menu. It can also be combined with another key like:

  • Press it with E to open explorer or file explorer.
  • Press it with R to open the run dialog box.

You shall not be able to perform these actions if the Win key is not working properly, now why does such a problem occur? Well, this is because you need to know how to disable the Windows key in Windows 11. This will help you in various gaming sessions of Warzone or Fortnite, for example!

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5 Ways To Disable the Windows Key in Windows 11 

Use the function keys

Use FN Function Keys

You need to press Fn + F6 to activate and deactivate windows keys. This is an easy method that has compatibility with notebooks, PC regardless of the brand. Get it to work again by pressing Fn + windows. You can also set up shortcuts to turn off your monitor as a quick access feature.

Edit your Registry

We suggest that you back up the registry database in case of any misconfiguration you revert back.

For this:

  • Make sure to use a user account with administrator privilege as the standard user account is not allowed to perform system changes.

Hold the Win Lock Key

Disable Windows Key in Games

If you are a game lover and using a gaming keyboard then it must have a win lock key on it. Simply press it to enable to disable window key. Luckily it helped many users solve their issues. If however, you cannot find it then read the technical documentation of your keyboard.

Tip: IF there is some issue with your system or laptop then use Restores Repair which is able to scan repositories and replace all files which are corrupt and missing. This has helped in many cases where issues came out due to system corruption.

Keep your keys clean – Dirty keyboard?

If dust is present between the keys then this is the reason why some keys get blocked to make sure to clean your keyboard properly at regular intervals for this you need to perform the following procedures:

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  • From the PC, use unplug the keyboard.
  • Clean keyboard.
  • Plus the keyboard back.
  • After this test the windows key.

Notebook and Laptops

  • First, turn your notebook off.
  • Unplug AC DC adaptor.
  • Unplug the battery.
  • Clean your keyboard.
  • Plug the battery back.
  • Plug back AC DC.
  • Turn your notebook on.
  • In the end test the windows key.

Replace Faulty Hardware

Accidentally Disabled Windows Key

If nothing works then get your hands on a new keyboard but before buying one make sure to test it on another machine or plug another one to your PC or notebook.

  • Notebook: plug the USB keyboard on it and check if it is working properly or not.

If any other keyboard is working on your device then you need to buy a new one and before this make sure to check the name of the brand, its warranty. If yes, then is shall be replaced all for free by the vendor.

Tip: If nothing works then we suggest you using Restoro Repair tool which is able to replace files that are corrupt and missing. This shall optimize system for max performance.

4 Ways To Disable the Windows Key in Warzone, Fortnite and PUBG

There are many ways in which the windows key can be disabled which are as followed:

Install Free WKey Disabler

This is a third-party application to disable it. It is a freeware application and is able to run from systray.

It does not carry any fancy features like turning the toggle on or off. As you start it windows keys along with all its shortcuts shall be disabled automatically.

As we cannot toggle the application off the only way to enable the key again is to disable the application. It is a simple yet easy tool to use.

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Install Winkill Tool

This is a small application that is portable in nature and run in the systray. As the application starts, it shall block windows keys with other shortcuts.

The best thing about this one is that with this we can toggle on or off and we can disable it easily once done with the gaming session.

This can be turned on back with a single click. If you are looking for an application that is simple to use then we suggest you give this a try.

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Keep drivers updated

Keyboard Driver Updates

For those who do not know there are many gaming keyboards that provide support to gaming mode. Such keyboards carry dedicated software that can be used to configure different settings like lighting and macros.

Tip: Some systems are not easy to tackle especially when it’s about corrupted repositories or windows files missing. Your system shall be broken down partially if you are having an issue with fixing an error. We suggest that you install Restoro which scans the machine and identifies the fault.

Moreover, from such applications, we can turn the gaming mode on. Now, you need to keep one thing in your mind that all applications and keyboards support gaming the mode therefore make sure to check the keyboard manual to be sure that your keyboard is supporting this feature.

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Download SharpKeys Utilities

  • You need to download and start the sharp keys.
  • As the app begins, hit “add”.
  • You shall see two columns; click “type key” in the left pane and hit “windows key”.
  • Hit “ok” to select the pressed key.

Sharp Keys Software

  • Choose “turn-key off” there on the right pane and hit “ok”.
  • Click the “Write to Registry” option.
  • Restart your system or log out and log back to apply changes.
  • To enable again, start it, choose the desired key from the menu and hit “delete”.
  • Once you have detected the key, click “write to registry button”.
  • Restart your system or log off and back to apply changes.

This is a free yet portable tool with which we can remap keys as well as disable keys or assign them to particular functions. This is a powerful app so you are using it at your own risk.

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Concluding Statement

We do not like to be interrupted while we are performing important tasks. The same goes in the case above where we accidentally press the wrong keys on the keyboard. This is why you should know how to disable the Windows key in Windows 11 for any purpose be it gaming, playing Warzone, or Fortnite, it should not disturb you.

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