How To Bypass Mega Download Limit 2023 (5 Solutions)

Did you ever got stuck because you exceeded Mega daily transfer quota while downloading a file? If yes, then don’t worry as we are going to explain 5 workarounds on how you can bypass Mega download limits and get any file of any size on Windows 10/11, Android or iPhone. You will not be requiring a downloader for this!

This is used to provide business users with limit-free encrypted storage. It was founded back in 2013 and till now has outgrown itself as a popular cloud storage service. It carries many new and advanced features but everything does not end here as it comes with a past history through which signed up more than 100,000 users in the first operation hour.

One big issue with this is that it carries limited functionality access for those who have free accounts, due to this users get stuck or their monthly transfer quota on this get utilized and are forced to buy a premium account or wait for the next time to arrive and get a fresh quota.

What is Mega Download Limit

It sets limits for both free and premium accounts. If you are new to this then bandwidth is the data you can use from the server to your device. Like if the file size is 1 GB and you see “monthly bandwidth exceeds” or “monthly transfer quota finished” then it means that you have a bandwidth share of 1 GB for your account. Once this is utilized then you shall be suspended from using the server and need to wait for the next month.

There were many issues of getting larger files and over time it has fixed many but there are some tricks that can help to get an extra download limit on this.

5 Ways To Bypass Mega Download Limit (Unlimited Quota)

Use Official Mega Downloader

Whenever you transfer and install its desktop and mobile application then you shall be greeted with a free transfer quota of 40 GB of desktop and 30 GB on mobile which is a total of 70 GB.

You need to:

  • Visit desktop app page.
  • Hit the “download” button.

Mega Downloader

For Windows, Mac and Linux the desktop application is available. After this, you need to follow the installation guide till installed successfully.

  • On the desktop, you need to open the “MEGAsync app”.
  • Sign in to your account or hit the “create new account” option.
  • Once done, you shall be allocated 40 GB of extra quota.
  • From the desktop app, you can manage many features directly.

To download Mega’s mobile application:

  1. Open “Google Play Store” or “App Store”.
  2. Search for “Mega”.
  3. Get the application.
  4. Once done, hit the application icon and sign in or create a new account to get an extra 30 GB monthly quota. This is enough for the average user.

This is an easy yet effective way to bypass the mega download limit if you are looking to copy files below 70 GB.

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Verify Your Phone Number (Tested to work)

Verify Mega Account

Once the file has been downloaded and you see a message saying your limit has been exceeded then you are given an option to add a mobile number which adds in an extra 20 GB to the mega account along with a 40 GB transfer quota.

Add a number to increase the limit. When you add your phone number it shall add in an extra 40 GB transfer quota which can be used to get bigger files.

Go Premium subscription

If you intend to use this for a longer time then don’t worry as you can subscribe to its premium plan as it provides you with cloud storage space, more bandwidth and an extra transfer quote every month. You can select from many plans and select one which satisfies your needs. The cheapest plans provide you with 400 GB cloud space with a 1 TB transfer. Moreover, they also provide users with a 2-month subscription all for free if you are opt-in for a 1-year plan.

Use VPN to Download files from VPN Tip

VPNs are used to hide your IP and many other activities online. They can also help you to browse anonymously. You need to take care of many things while using a VPN application for bypassing the limit.

If you are downloading a large file or any file which has many folders and have reached the limit then you need to wait for a limit reset and then resume the process of downloading or start from fresh. This would have been a waste of time.

If you are using it to upload files small in size every day or have used accounts quota to download any file and now wish to download a different file then you need to close the MEGAsync application, reset VPN and start it again.

If you going for a free VPN then we suggest that you move to the paid application as it shall use all the bandwidth to try and download the file very quickly plus it also sets certain limitations to the account.

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Try a third-party tool (JDownloader)

Download Mega Files Without Limits

You can also download direct files using this. All you need to do is go to the “JDownloader” site and hit the “download” option there from the menu, select OS to install the program on your system. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You require some proxies to use this trick.

  1. To launch the application you need to click the application.
  2. Navigate to and copy the file URL.
  3. Add copied link to “connection manager” on it and change certain settings to smoothly get mega files.
  4. For Windows you need to go to JDownloader > settings > connection managers, under “max chunk” set the value to “25” and max simultaneous setting to 7.
  5. For Mac, you need to click on the “JDownloader” button and hit preferences> connection manager. Go to the general setting and set “max chunks” set the value to 22 and max to 7.
  6. After this, you need to convert free or purchased proxies to the format http://172.163.1399.122:8080. Once done import these to the JDownloader application and that’s it you are done.
  7. Automatically the process shall begin.
  8. Make sure to check proxies on this and remove proxies that are flagged as “red” by the application if you get an error message which says “bandwidth exceeded” then remove them and add in new proxies.

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Mega Download Limit Quick FAQs

When does the free transfer quota reset on my account?

This reset on average every 24-48 hours. This may vary depending on the time zone.

Can I use Mega Downloader?

You can use the official version however we would advise avoiding the ones available on sites like Github as they are likely to contain a virus.

Will this give me an unlimited transfer quota?

No, it will only reset and give you an extra quota momentarily so you can finish doing your task.

Will my account get deleted or banned if I reach my limit?

This is not confirmed and has never happened. You will simply be stopped from doing any more activity but the account still stays in place.

Can I increase my daily download limit?

Yes, you can increase your daily limit by referring people via your link and getting them to sign up to premium Mega packages. This will give your account credit which you can use for your download needs.

Conclusion – Bypass Mega Download Limits

I know as humans we like to have an unlimited supply of every resource. The same applies to online servers. We have outlined 5 different methods on how you can bypass Mega download limits so there is no need of resetting your transfer quota. This has been tested to work on Windows, Android and iPhone, you pick! Do let us know which solution worked for you and how effective it was, any feedback is most welcome.

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