9 Best Free Wallpaper Engine Alternatives For PC, Android & Mac (2024)

When you have interesting desktops then you work with more spirit. When you use similar pictures then it can become boring. But, there are a few apps with which you can get live wallpapers is, Wallpaper Engine which for now is being used by more than 450,000 users. Currently, it is a paid app and not freeware. This is why we went out and researched the 9 best Wallpaper Engine alternatives for PC, Mac and Android that are free to download and use.

Let’s put some life onto your desktop.

What you need to know about Wallpaper Engine

This is used to make a moving background which is more interesting as compared to a still picture. The best thing about this is it allows you to animate any static one by simply importing pictures and videos with it. Once designed can be shared with friends and relatives online.

Now it not only moves but also puts a slideshow in the background. If you do not want the same background then you can also create a playlist and set a time interval. Like this, it shall change regularly based on settings.

It provides users with many selections due to which they do not have any hard time creating one. It carries hundreds to thousands of selections that come in free which means if you have a creative mind or not it shall look stunning overall.

The best thing is its optimized performance. if you open a particular application that drains the battery then don’t worry as this application will adjust it and make your battery drain even more.

9 Best Free Wallpaper Engine Alternatives To Try

Variety Wallpaper Changer – Dynamic and fast

Variety Wallpaper Changer

With this, no one needs to change the wallpaper manually as the application shall do it on its own in a particular interval.

This is able to work on both Ubuntu and Linux Mint. It carries unique features with which users can create creative backgrounds. The best thing about this one is that it is slim in size and shall not slow down your system.

Once this has been installed we can control the interval of time you want the background to change. You just need to add the source of where the images are and it shall change in a routine. If you want a particular folder then all you need to do is write the specific location.

The best thing is that it can download images from a source like Flickr directly. But keep in mind that before downloading them you can define the image quality and interval you want. So, it shall only get those images that fulfill the criteria.

Walloop – Wallpaper Heaven

This is going to make your wallpaper look all good. It has made part of the list as it carries more than 2000 styles and all can be used in all types of gadgets. These have been designed for you by creative designers from around the globe which means you shall get a different theme in each category.

The best thing is that you can automatically change features if you get bored with one background. Like this, the background can be changed daily, weekly and monthly, or whenever you want.

This lets you be creative in your way. Design your own, use existing images in-app or start from scratch as you wish and desire. These can also be shared with friends and family.

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Lively Wallpaper Engine – Open Source and Trusted

Lively Wallpaper

If you want to make your system look alive then go with this option. This carries a simple yet easy-to-use interface as it provides users with great features.

It has many features but the best is that it provides support to different formats. With this create video wallpaper from all formats, starting with MKV, MPV, and GIF to HTML. For this, you need to drag-drop the file into it and it shall create a dynamic one.

If you are a creative person then this is a good choice but when compared with others then it carries fewer choices. If you are the kind of person who wants to download and use available wallpapers then this one is not for you.

ScreenPlay – Supporting Mac

This option is best for Windows and soon Linux and MacOSX. This one is an open-source application but keep in mind that it does not change the function of the application itself.

Along with only providing wallpapers, it has many other features as well. It has many features like Steam Workshop with which we can check out and select one of the huge collections from the workshop. If you have a creative mind you can also upload your work on this.

Moreover, it provides users with a good screen display by supporting HDR and 4K wallpapers. Users can also use this for the DPI screen and still ought to look great. If you have an ultra-widescreen then this can be used as it has been tested on wqhd monitor 21:9 144hz monitor. The result came out to be great just like normal screens.

The best thing is that it understands that users need to give their eyes a little break so it offers dark mode. With this switch off the light of the theme and get into a darker mode.

RainWallpaper – Great selection of wallpapers

RainWallpaper App

If you have this installed then you do not need to worry about CPU or RAM usage. This is the best one as it shall not affect the performance of the system. In the new version, it provides users with a pause button for them to stop movements when they desire. You should check out Rainmeter skins for clock and date as they would suit this background.

If you are a diehard fan of DevianArt then you are going to love this. It not only provides pictures but also live anime as well as videos that all do not have. Moreover, if you want to be creative then you can use the wallpaper editor feature to make new things. If you want to enjoy all its unique features then you need to buy the application for $3.

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Desktop Live Wallpapers – Keep your screen alive

This is a great yet popular option that can only be used by users of Windows. It provides living wallpapers that make every desktop look great. The best thing is that it provides users with various themes from nature to animals to art.

If at any point you desire to have a personal desktop then all you need to do is upload a personal video and it shall remain in your desktop to keep you entertained. When you upload the video keep in mind that you need to select a short duration or edit through it.

You need to buy the entire package for $2 to enjoy all the features. Now, this is quite easy on the pocket when compared to other products though it carries limited tools and technologies. If you do not need too many advances then this is a good option.


Wallpaper Engine Android Alternative

With this, we can transform our gallery into something which good yet interesting. In this find the best and updated images that are created by users from around the globe. Use and make custom collections if you yourself are a great creator.

The pictures provided come in HD quality so whatever you select will make an excellent background. The best thing is that it stores all the work in Artpip due to which it shall not take any space on the system till it is downloaded. It would help if you remembered that it does not change any icons of folders, you will need an icon installer software for this.

Keep in mind that it does not provide users with the best moving wallpapers so don’t expect a lot from it as it does not have many options.

DeskScapes – Imagine the unimaginable

This is yet another option on the list which carries many features like dream makers through which we can create imaginations; with this, we can also customize various backgrounds with around 60 special effects that will make the video look a lot special. Now, this effect also includes the colors of the pictures, how they make their entry into the screen and much more.

Also, keep one thing in mind when you edit a picture or any existing one then the original quality shall be changed. Make sure you make a copy if you do not wish to ruin the actual original one. This option when compared to others is more complicated but once you get used to it then it shall become easy.

It also provides users with a dark mode with which again you can turn the theme’s light off into a darker mode.

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Ultimate Live Wallpaper – Support for Android

Wallpaper Engine Mac Alternative

This one offers ones that carry 3D animations and images. It is quite good as it offers interactions with users. For this move your mouse and see the reaction.

This one does not take too much battery. First, it provides users with settings where they can set brightness and intervals. You can set intervals if you don’t want the same all the time. It also has a game mode that pauses the moving wallpaper when a game is being played by users.

This one is available only for Windows, it can be used on Windows 7-11 but for this, you need to have around 1GB of free space on the system. This may also allow you to display desktop gadgets alongside more information such as CPU, RAM, or memory.

Conclusion: Wallpaper Engine Alternatives

As humans, we get bored staring at the same screen or desktop from time to time. However, as we go for budget and some users cannot afford the cost of Wallpaper Engine we have put a list of the best free Wallpaper Engine alternatives that are overall better as a second choice. Our top pick is Lively Wallpaper due to being 100% open source and the stability of the program.

Variety Wallpaper Changer
Lively Wallpaper Engine
Desktop Live Wallpapers
Ultimate Live Wallpaper
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