Best 9 Rufus Alternatives for Windows 11 (2024 Selectives)

Rufus is popular software used to create USB bootable drives on Windows that can support different formats of images including Linux distros and Windows ISO files. People use this due to its lightweight and quick flashing features but it can be only found in Windows therefore users using other platforms keep looking for some choices with better compatibility. We have researched the 9 best Rufus alternatives that you can use for Windows 11.

Top 9 Best Rufus Alternatives For Windows 11

Software like Rufus but better

The ones mentioned do not bog the system performance in a fast manner. Moreover, the alternates mentioned can work on all major OS including macOS, Windows, Ubuntu as well as Linux. We have selected those applications of which users can create macOS bootable media from Windows devices and vice versa and in the same way, create Windows bootable drives from Linux machines too.

PowerISO – All-in-one package


This is not only used to create bootable USB drivers but also comes packed with different features such as converting different formats of images to ISO, virtual drives, mounting disks and much more.

It performs the task just like Rufus. The best thing about this one is that it is fast at flashing pictures and does works simply with advanced options. Keep in mind that it works on Windows OS therefore if you wish to create a Windows bootable USB then give this one a try.

Download PowerISO


This one is available for all the major platforms including macOS and supports all types of system images such as DMG, IMG, ISO and many others. This one is easy to use and carries a straightforward interface. In this, you must choose a system image, USB stick and hit flash. Moreover, this one is quite fast in flashing pictures.

The best thing about this one is that it has something known as image validation, which is used to verify system images and removable drives before flashing. This helps save time from writing images on corrupt USB devices. Moreover, it is open source and comes in free.

UNetbootin – Live USB drivers for everyone


This is a well-known alternative for some Linux distros and Ubuntu. The tool is light in weight due to which it is compatible with many Linux distributions. The best part about this one is that it is available on all major platforms. In this, you shall be able to create bootable USB drivers based on Linux from any machine you want without any problem.

It comes with a fast flashing speed. If you want something to flash Ubuntu or any Linux distribution then this is a good option.

Download UNetbootin

Windows 11 Media Creation Tool (Built-in)

This is a different yet unique application developed by Microsoft for installing version 11 on systems. With this users can download windows 11 from Microsoft’s server and thereafter create an automatic bootable USB. Nothing needs to be done manually. It can detect compatible configurations and also downloads the latest version 11 ISO picture, based on the architecture of the system.

It comes with a drawback and takes some time to perform such a task. If you want something similar to Rufus but do not want to get into any hassles then try this one out.

Diskmaker X – macOS Support

This is yet another great alternative for all macOS users and is used to build bootable macOS images on the USB stick. For this, you need to open the app and it shall find the installation file using Spotlight. Once done, it shall detect the USB drive and allow you to flash the system picture. It works in a fast way. The best thing about this one is that it supports Mojave.

If you wish to create a Windows bootable USB on a Mac system then use the native Boot Camp Assistant application.

Universal USB Installer

This option is built for Linux-based distros but can also flash Windows ISO pictures in the best way. If you wish to have support for both Linux and Linux system images then this is a good alternative. The tool quickly performs the task. It can be compared with Rufus in terms of performance and platform compatibility. It has a built-in USB formatting tool to free space on a USB stick after installation. This is one of the best alternates so do give it a try.

Download Universal USB Installer

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WoeUSB – Most popular


This is a very interesting application with which one can create a Windows bootable USB drive on a Linux machine. Use this to flash Windows ISO image on the removable drive if you are a user of Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution. The best part about this one is that it carries a GUI interface and lets you build a USB installer in some clicks. It provides support to Windows ranging from Vista to the new Windows 11.

It has compatibility with older legacy BIOS, newer UEFI as well as MBR partition. If you wish to have the same features as Rufus on Linux to create Windows bootable drives then this is a good option. Follow our guide on how to create a bootable USB with WoeUSB.

Win32 Disk Imager – Portable and open source

Win32 Disk Imager Rufus Alternative

This is an older yet good option with which users can flash low-level utilities such as Raspbian and ARM-based OS on SD cards and USB sticks. It carries exceptional performance and great flashing speed. Moreover, it carries a simple yet easy-to-use interface.

In this you simply need to provide the source of the system picture and choose the device to flash on. Press “write” and that’s it. If you wish to create bootable flash drives for smaller projects then this is a good option.

Download Win32 Disk Imager


This is a good option if you wish to create a macOS bootable USB using a Windows system. In this, all you need to do is download its DMG file and then import it to TransMac. After this insert the bootable USB drive and TransMac shall transform the drive-in APFS file format. The process of flashing takes time given the DMG picture is encrypted and the difference in the file system. The application however works for most things and one can create a macOS bootable media on a Windows PC. It is slow in performance.

Download TransMac

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Final Words – Which Rufus alternative have you chosen?

If you are an IT professional or someone at home wanting to format your USB drive quickly and make it a bootable one, you would choose Rufus, correct? However, various users have reported slowness so we have now compiled a list of the top 9 Rufus alternatives to use with Windows 11. These are ALL free and some of them such as Win32 Disk Imager are open source.

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