10 Best PC Cleaner Utilities for Windows 11 2024 (Free/Paid)

Whenever you search for an optimizer utility you would be hearing that these tools only make your system fast by tweaking some configurations and clearing junk files. You need to be clear of one thing systems can be made faster depending upon their designed capacity but still, this software comes in handy in many cases. This is where we investigated and curated the 10 best pc cleaner software to use with Windows 11.

Now you must know which data is destroyed during the process. We talk about free system clean-up utilities for Windows 11 or then they remove different things including browsing history, junk files, uninstall application leftovers and much more.

Moreover, few of these tools also carry a paid version which gives access to many features like one-click maintenance and much more.

Why you should use a PC cleaner to free space and improve performance

We suggest that you not only depend on this software for cleaning your system as there are many good options which we need to follow. If we select the right tool then these can be useful.

Different cleaner tools are often questioned due to the availability of evil fish in the market. Some tools only make the system slower. They also install unwanted software by tricking us to make our system work fast.

Few system optimization tools hype up small problems and cause the user to get panicked and pay for them.

Our experiences with many of these tools have not been that bad. We have seen improvement in systems boot time after using these.

Still, we do not suggest you use any random cleaning tool to fix your system.

Choosing one for your needs

If you have made up your mind about installing a PC optimizer then make sure to analyze it. If your system is having issues with the registry then you need to report to registry cleaners.

Opt for a free system cleaner if your system carries many redundant files.

We have compiled for you a list of best computer cleaners so follow through to know more.

10 Best PC Cleaner Apps for Windows 11

Advanced SystemCare – Best Free PC Cleaner for Windows 11

This is yet another option on this list that can be used to clean your system. IObit developed it which makes it a good utility including Uninstaller, a start menu for version 8 and much more.

Disk Cleanup – Oldest in the game

Disk Cleanup

If you want to have the best system cleaner for versions 7 and 8.1 then we suggest you to use this option. This is for Windows 11 as well and can be an option if you do not prefer to have storage sense. It is an in-built disk cleaner utility that can be used to delete old files of installation once the version has been upgraded.

To use this:

  • Open “start menu”.
  • Search it by name.

Now keep in mind that though it is slower than Free Up Space on version 10 or 11 but is capable to get rid of a lot of junk from the system.

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Storage Sense – Save every byte

Storage Sense

If you are a user of Windows 10 or 11 then don’t worry as you do not need to look outside for a cleanup tool as it comes with a tool known as Free Up Space. With this, we can remove unwanted files from the PC.

It performs the same function with the difference that we do not need to install any third-party application and is safe from any kind of malware.

For this:

  • Go to settings > system > storage.
  • Once there click on the “Configure Storage Sense or run it now” button.
  • Go down and hit “clean now”.

Here you configure how you get rid of temporary files that are related to the applications or auto-delete files present in the download folder after a specific time and day.

Avast Cleanup 

Avast Cleanup

This is made by the famous anti-virus maker Avast Technologies. If you wish to have reliable and easy-to-use system clean-up software then we recommend this option.

This one comes in paid but carries a trial version as well so give it a try.

CCleaner – Sweeping folders to the registry

This has a lot of popularity among users. Along with Windows, it is available for macOS as well. It carries a paid version called Ccleaner Professional Plus which costs around $29.95. Moreover, it has some unique features which make it a good choice on the list like it can be used to wipe the hard drive as well.

It has many features including Active Monitoring which makes users doubt the privacy aspect, Piriform has taken some serious steps to solve such problems however using this you need to know what options are enabled in settings.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer

If you are looking for optimization features then we suggest you give it a try. This is used to delete junk from your system. Moreover, it can be used to perform other functions as well such as displaying complete information of the system.

BleachBit – Reliable and Robust PC Cleaner for Windows 11

BleachBit PC Cleaner

This is an efficient option on the list which is used to clean up your system. It is open-source software therefore you won’t get interrupted by ads. The best thing is that it works on Linux as well.

With this, we can delete cookies, cache, and temporary and junk files from the system quite easily. For a great cleanup, these offer many advanced features.

AVG Tune-Up – Free PC Cleaner for Windows 11

It seems to have a lot of popularity all due to its anti-virus software but keep in mind that it offers users a lesser-known utility known as AVG TuneUp for the system.

It is quite efficient in how it works and puts the system’s background processes to sleep. Once the background processes are managed we can depend on the software to increase the performance of the system.

It offers users many features such as uninstall, junk cleaner and startup manager.

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Restoro – A full suite

This is yet another popular option on the list which carries an intuitive user interface with a neat and clean process. With this, we can scan and remove any harmful files present on the system and make the system speedy.

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Avira System Speedup – Stealthily and lite

Avira System Speedup

This application is quite easy to use and offers users many features to clean up the system. It is available for many different devices and protects against malware.

Moreover, with this we can scan our devices; and remove redundant files that can be threatening to the system.

3 Tips To Increase Windows 11 PC Performance

Do not have many programs on start-up

We can also decide which apps run when the system boots up. You shall find an updated task manager in the new version which makes it very easy to determine what we want to run in the background.

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to access the task manager.
  • A box carrying all apps installed on the system shall appear.
  • It provides a detailed account of the RAM every program consumes when the system is started.
  • To make any adjustment, click right on the app you wish to make changes to and it shall not run unless and until commanded.

The settings can be changed.

Add virtual RAM

The new version uses less memory. RAM can be increased which is a tested way to speed up devices.

Adding RAM to desktop computers is very easy as compared to laptops and is easy on the pocket as well.

With help of professional help, we can also have more RAM installed.

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Remove any junk software

Most of the time our systems are pre-loaded with many apps that we don’t use and these eat up system resources. These can be identified easily

  1. Remove them to free up space from the disk.
  2. Hit “start” and visit the “all apps” menu.
  3. Here we can see a list of apps that are installed and not installed.
  4. To uninstall a program, click right on the icon to see the options menu.

Quick FAQs About PC Cleaners

Are these legit and have any use?

Some of these can be useful if a lot of junk files are present on your system.

How often to use these utilities?

It is a healthy practice that you keep a check on all the files stored on the system. It is very crucial to clean your devices in particular intervals depending upon usage.


As applications and new technology are getting more advanced they require more requirements and space. This is where you can use any of the above 10 free PC cleaner tools for Windows 11 to keep your machine going smoothly performance-wise so you are clear of any issues.

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