Top 10 Best GTK Themes For Ubuntu Linux For 2024

You can get hundreds of beautiful themes that are available for download and use on websites such as DeviantArt. But! Have you ever tried the best GTK themes we have for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice there is on offer. This post will help you to make an informed decision and a style that suits you.

You have landed at the right place to know about the most gorgeous, attractive, and visually striking.

Yes!! We are talking about the Ubuntu Themes that you want to screenshot and show off as well. At least, we are proud to show off our desktops and how colorful they look.

The best thing is that top layouts have no broken links, no discontinued designs, no dead-end URL’s and no “well it does not look like that in the screenshot”. None, keep in mind that if it is present on the list then it is tested.

Best 10 GTK Themes For Ubuntu That Look Beautiful

Layan – Overall best GTK Theme for Ubuntu

Layan Theme

This is a flat material design layout for GTK3 and GNOME shell desktop which is not exactly subtle, as you can see in the picture below. It riffs on the design tropes that are present in other designs by the same designer but is the most accomplished among all.

It comes with round corners and shadowed layers which help soften what could easily be an overpowering flair. The best thing about this one is that it has both light and dark mixed versions though it is a mixed one.

Keep a note here, the sidebar in the Nautilus provides a slick visual treatment not which is dissimilar to the one that is used by the Ambiance on version 18.04 LTS. Pair it up with a complementary colored wallpaper ad icon to set and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Download Layan GTK Theme

Pop GTK Theme – Free GNOME theme for Ubuntu

If you prefer to have an elegant and modern look with some real zing then this should be your first choice. It was developed and maintained by makers of Linux System76 and is used in Ubuntu-cased pop!_OS Linux distro by default.

It is based on Adwaita which is the default GNOME design featured down this list, to ensure that these applications look and function as expected when used with it.

Now what makes it popular among the users is the colour scheme of brown and orange. Though it is a flat layout still has a lot of personalities.

Get this on version 20.04 LTD and above from the repos directly plus no PPA is required.

If you are using version 18.04 LTS then you need to download an installer for the older version of the design which you can grab through Launchpad.

Download Pop GTK Theme

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Qogir Theme – HD GTK Theme for Ubuntu

Qogir GTK Theme

Every time we get this, we have the same reaction: we love it. Users need to eye to see it.

It strikes the user due to the use of straight lines, duotone color palettes as well as eye-catching file manager backgrounds (optional) which combine to give out a look that is as iconic as it is unique.

A big part of its broad appeal comes from its broad adaptability.

Now, it carries three distinct variants of the main layout, with some sub-variants within (including an Ubuntu-coloured one). This almost guarantees that there is a version that suits everyone, regardless of what particular tastes might be.

The best to get this is to install a script that is available from the project’s GitHub page.

Download Qogir GTK Theme

Adwaita Theme – 4K GTK Theme for Ubuntu

Adwaita GTK Theme

This is a default one that ships out of the box Fedora Workstation. This is considered the reference for the GTK application development and is the design the application devs would love users to use.

It comes with a steely grey tone which is a part of its refined colour scheme and is also accented by a blue companion colour. The overall look and feel are utilitarian and are largely free of overly “showy” touches.

Now if we talk about touches, then it’s the liberal use of padding in the heading bars. Menus, as well as pop-over, which means it is suited better to touch-friendly devices than other ones on the list.

A growing crop of well-known designs is not built on top of it, which also includes its default Yaru and System76. Get this now if you are looking for a definitive look.

This comes pre-installed in version 18.04 and above.

Download Adwaita GTK Theme

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Arc GTK Theme

This is among the most popular ones among all the users, it has won the hearts of many people across different distros and even inspires some of the Windows customization hacks.

It shuns the gradients and gloss in favor of a straightforward 2D user interface. Now, the best thing is that it stays as flat as it is possible. All this consistency gives applications, menus as well as windows a minimal yet modern look. It also comes with transparent touches in the elements of the window (like the Nautilus sidebar) helps users to add in some dynamism and texture, meaning things never feel too fat.

It comes in three different variants such as light, dark and darker.

Get this on version 18.04 LTS and straight from the repo. If you are using version 20.04 LTS then we recommend that you use a newer version of Arc direct from Gitlab for the most pixel-perfect experience potently possible.

Download Arc GTK Theme

Dark Aurora

Today, flat styles are all the rage but there is an understandable elegance to all those offering a bit of gloss yet a classy gradient just as this one shows. It pitched itself as being easy on the eyes and yes does not disappoint its users at all. We can say that it oozes our class.

The choice of the grey variant does not demand any attention and thus acts as an unassuming backdrop to all other applications. Moreover, it also touts some good window borders.

It is available in a range of colors as well as a dark variant is known as ultimate dark if you love the look but yearn for brightness, which is a bit less.

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Orchis GTK Theme for Ubuntu

If you wish to make a statement with this desktop setup then this is all you need.

This is a dark design that mixes flat elements of Google’s material design language with rounded window corners and a bit soft, tactile color palette.

Now like all other material designs, it is based on the material theme which is created by nana-4. This being said it is far from being a copy of it; it sets its very own visual tone.

When it is paired with a matching GNOME shell then it gives a look that feels more Google-y than its own Chrome operating system _ which is not a bad vibe after all.

Download Orchis GTK Theme


It is easy to make this look like a Mac and why because there is an array of top-notch designs that ape the appearance of Apple’s desktop OS incredibly accurately.

This is the best Mac layout for Linux for now. It was created by prolific maker Vinceliuice (Vince).

This is a soft fork of the author’s own Mojave-inspired design and boasts the same attention to detail, thus evoking the same look and feel of Apple’s desktop aesthetic.

What we see in this is that the designer manages to translate things, which makes it look into something that also looks quite good on the particular desktop. The best part is that it is available in both dark and light builds, along with solid and semi-translucent versions.

Pair this up with a terrific operating system Catalina icon pack and the plank dock and passersby shall be hard-pressed to tell you are not using a real one.

Download Mcata GTK Theme

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Aurora Nuevo

Ubuntu Themes

If bold colors or dynamic visual statements are not something you like or prefer then you should try this one out.

It is described as a “pastel colored material design such as the GNOME design” and, at the very first blush, is exactly what it is. For now, it is available in a huge array of various accent colors as well as less flat variants for all those who want it.

If you love the look of Dark Aurora but a pinch of color with your eye candy, then its sultry tone shall suit you quite well, especially when it is paired with matching folder icons.


This is a solid alternative to the Arc layout. It balances light and dark elements together to create a rich yet striking design that holds its own. It uses the color red as its main highlight colour which is a bold choice, but one which enables it to make a distinct impression on the desktop.

You should install this design on Ubuntu from its store.

Download Numix GTK Theme

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Bonus Addition: Vince (Vinceliuice) GTK Themes

These are a very broad and amazing collection of designs and are all open-source! There are modern-looking designs that you will adore and make your eyeballs happy. It also feels like he is following Google’s material design language and bringing it to Ubuntu, which is a great and much-needed refreshment.

Two I can personally recommend:

  1. Chrome OS
  2. macOS Mojave

Download Vince GTK Themes

Conclusion – Which Ubuntu Theme do you find cool?

We all have our tastes when it comes to modifying our desktops. Most of us apply fancy wallpapers or Icons but when it comes to the best Ubuntu GTK themes collection you are at the right place. We have shared a wide variety of 10 such Gnome themes you will enjoy and it will give a new life to your desktop.

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