Best 13 GNOME Extensions That are Beautiful (2021 Collection)

Extensions are a major part of the overall GNOME experience as they add in value to the ecosystem either it is too mould its Desktop Environment (DE) to workflow, to add more functions than provided by default, or to freshen up the user interface. To put the long story short you can customize your desktop theme with help of these extensions.

With the default Ubuntu switching from Unity towards it, now it is time that you get familiar with different choices that it offers. Finding one can be quite a difficult task this is why we have compiled for you a list to save your time and energy to follow through to know it all.

Best 13 GNOME Desktop Extensions To Try On Ubuntu

Apt-Update Indicator

Apt Update Indicator Extension

Distributions like Ubuntu or Debian utilize Apt as their package manager. This allows users for a more streamlined update experience.

It settles on the top bar and notifies you regarding updates waiting on the system. It displays recently added repos, files that are auto removable, residual config files, and also allows checking for updates manually all on one basic drop-down menu.

A simple one that promises to add an immense amount of functions to any system.

Install Apt-Update Indicator Extension

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Appfolders Management

A major feature we think that it is missing is the ability to organize the default app grid. This is something which is included by default KDE’s apps dashboard there in the Elementary OS’s Slingshot launcher and also in MAC operating system yet GNOME 3.26 is not something that comes easily, it changes that.

With this, you can easily organize your applications into different folders with a simple right-click > add to the folder. It is just not adding apps, it is so natively implemented that you shall wonder why this is not built into the default experience.

Install Appfolder Management Extension


Caffeine Gnome Desktop Extension

This one allows you to keep your computer screen from auto-suspending at the flip of a switch. Shaped like a coffee mug, it embeds itself into the right side of your top bar and clicks show that your system is “Caffeinated” with a soft addition of steam to the mug followed by a notification.

The same is true to turn it off, enabling auto to suspend or screen save again. It is very easy to use.

Author: Eon

Install Caffeine Extension

Auto Move Windows

If you utilize different virtual desktops just like us then this is the best choice as it makes the workflow much easier. With this, you can set your apps to open automatically on the virtual desktop of your choosing. It is as simple as you add an app to the list and select the desktop you want that specific app to open on.

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From them, every time you open it, it shall open on that. It makes all the difference as soon you log in to your system all you need to do is open it and it shall open to where you want it automatically without having to move it around manually each time you get to work.

Install Auto Move Windows Extension

Clipboard Indicator

Clipboard Extension

This is a clean and simple management tool. This extension is there on the top bar and catches the recent clipboard history (stuff that is copy and pasted). It saves all this information unless and until you clear its history.

Now if you work with docs that you don’t want to be saved like this such as credit card numbers or any other personal information then it also offers a private mode in which you can toggle on the off for such cases.

Install Clipboard Indicator Extension

CPU Power Manager (Intel only)

At first, we thought that this one it not much useful but once after using it we have found out that the functions it carries must be backed into all the systems at least all laptops, that too by default. It allows you to select which system resources are being used at any given time period.

It has a simple drop-down menu with which you can change between different present or user-made profiles that control at which frequency CPU is to run. Like set it to “quite” present, this tells your system to use only 30% of resources in such a case.

On the other hand, set it to “High Performance” present to allow your system to run at full potential. This is handy only when you have loud fans and want to lower it down or need to save battery life.

Author: Martin31821

Install CPU Power Manager Extension

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Frippery Move Clock

Frippery Move Clock Extension

This one is for all those who are used to have their clock on the right of the panel in unity. It moves it from the middle of the top panel towards the right side. Moreover, moves the calendar and notification window but does not move the notifications themselves.

Author: rmyorston

Install Frippery Move Clock Extension

Extensions by Petres

This is yet another one to make it to the list which allows you to enable or disable other extensions to access settings in one single package. These either sit next to other icons in the panel or in the drop-down menu.

Keeping everything at one side is a good way to get access to all without any need to open up the GNOME Tweak Tool to do so.

User Themes

This is a must-have for all those who want to customize it. Now, by default it allows users to change the theme of apps, icons, as well as cursors but not the theme of the shell. It fixes it by enabling you to change the theme of it, allowing getting most of the customization experience.

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Author: fmuellner

Install User Themes Extensions

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Gno Menu

This one brings in a more traditional menu to the GNOME DE. Now, it not only adds an app menu to the top panel but all brings in different functions and customization along with it. If you the kind of user who is used to using this traditionally which is found in this but do not want the bugs and issues that Ubuntu 17.10 brought to then this is the best alternative.

Author: Panacier

Install Gno-Menu Extension


This one offers a way to integrate the KDE conflict apps within its desktop. Although this offers a way to connect android sets virtually with any Linux DE, its indicator lacks a good way to integrate more seamlessly into any other DE than plasma.

It fixes this problem, providing the user with a straightforward drop-down menu that allows you to send SMS, browse the phone’s cell system, locate phones, and send files to phone from the desktop. We were happy after using this. You need KDE installed along with this in order to get it to work.

Hide Activities Button

This does exactly as you expect. It hides the activities button which is found at the left corner of the top panel. It actives the activities overview in it traditionally, but many users use the Super Key from their keyboard to perform the same function.

Although it disables the button itself, it does not disable the hot corner. As Ubuntu 17.10 offers you the ability to shut it off in the native settings app this is not a big deal for the users of Ubuntu. For another kind of distribution, there are many ways to disable it as you desire.

Author: Zeten30

Install Hide Activities Button Extension


Open Weather Gnome Extension

Another one that provides weather information at a glance. The best part it is customizable and lets you view all the information for whatever location you want. The best thing is that it does not rely on systems location services. It gives you the choice between OpenWeatherMap and Dark Sky to provide information regarding this which is to be displayed.

Author: Jens

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How To Install Gnome Shell Extensions (2 Methods)

There are two ways on how you can achieve this:

Method #1: Through your browser

  1. Open Firefox and install shell integration add-on.
  2. Add it to your browser.
  3. Now choose your favorite one and viola!

Method #2: Using Shell Host Connector

  1. Open your terminal
  2. Paste the below command in and hit “Enter”
[email protected]:~ sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell

3. Done


Well, these were the best Gnome shell extensions for Ubuntu and other distributions that you can install for free. Some of them were curated from Reddit and also reviewed by us. These add great visual styles and almost act like a theme without having all those files and fancy wallpapers installed.

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