200 Best Funny Wifi Names in 2023 - Freak out your Neighbors

Gone are the days when we used to depend on LAN as today Wifi is in trend due to their price being decreased to less than $15. All users do not set a normal name for their router but users like us who think out of the box will take an extra step for some crazy name.

A decade back when we configured our wireless router, we gave it the name “Issue Found or FBI Van, etc” and the neighbors got a heart attack when they saw a virus-found text on their mobile device during their search for Wifi and we shared a moment of joy. We have compiled a list of funny wifi names that can be used to name your connection. The good news is we are also providing a tool known as a name generator which shall suggest these automatically.

First, Change your Wireless Routers Name

  1. Firstly you need to note down the IP address of the router. This is present on the backside of the router. Generally, it would be
  2. After this, you need to open the admin page of the router by entering there in any web browser.
  3. Enter in your username and password and click on “log in”. The username will be “admin” and the password field is left empty by default.
  4. You need to go to the wireless tab, enter the funny name in the “Name(SSID)” field.
  5. Hit “apply”.

This is all, this is how you change the name of the router to something which is a bit funny.

Change your Wifi Name in Android

  1. In the first step, you need to go to the setting.
  2. After this select the portable hotspot.
  3. Choose to set up a portable hotspot.
  4. There in the SSID field, you need to insert any of the names.
  5. Once done, click on the “done” option.

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Change your Wifi Name in iPhone

  1. In the first step, you need to go to settings.
  2. After this click on general.
  3. Select about.
  4. Chose name.
  5. You need to input the name you wish to have. This shall be used to describe the iPhone on other devices along with the name of the wifi. Meaning that the same name shall be used as the name of the device.
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Funny and Cool Wifi Name Generator (Working)

Wifi Names Generator Download

This tool for generating names for your router shall generate many different yet cool aliases for your modem. Easily set your preferred choice as your name. It rather gives a cool yet unique name from the norm, precisely, the ones available in your vicinity.

Funny Wifi Name Generator Download

Funny Covid Wifi Names

As Coronavirus has taken over the world, people have found a way to make the most out of it. Below is a list of 50 Covid-inspired Wifi names you can use to have a laugh.

Funny Wifi Names (Covid)

Cool Wifi Names to try (New and not boring)

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to act cool. There are plenty of ways one can act cool in any situation. Here, you can use a cool Wifi name from our list of 50 provided to you.

Cool Wifi Names

Clever Wifi Names – For the Smart People

There is no doubt that there are very clever people in this world with us. However, you do not have to be clever in order to choose a decent and hilarious network name.

 Clever Wifi Names

Conclusion – Which Funny Wifi Name have you chosen?

This was the end of our 200 best funny Wifi names for covid, clever and cool uses. These have been uniquely made exclusively for our readers and will not be found anywhere else on the web. We also developed our very own network name generator that you can download above. Do let us know below in the discussion which one you have chosen.

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