The 16 Best Free Linux Screen Recorders Available in 2024 (Download)

Are you someone who makes lots of tutorials or simply wants to show someone how to do something? If the answer is “Yes“, you will need software to record your screen!

In general:

  • Make video tutorials.
  • Create presentations.
  • Compile a how-to tutorial.
  • Do software reviews.

This article will share the 16 best and top-of-the-line Linux screen recorders that are free to download. We made sure we also chose open-source choices!

16 Best Linux Screen Recorders (Free Download)

SimpleScreenRecorder – Best Screen Recorder for Linux

SimpleScreenRecorder for Linux

This is a simple yet easy-to-go recorder software. This is a Qt-based screencasting app for all. It supports different video output formats and audio recordings. It is light in weight and works quite smoothly on an old system.

Download SimpleScreenRecorder

Kazam – Top Linux Screen Recorder App

Kazam Screen Recorder Download

This is one of the best recorders available for Linux desktops. It is light in weight. This is quite a simple yet nifty tool for this purpose. It comes with little configuration and is great for new users who wish to capture screen content and record video files. Moreover, it can also support audio recording and different video file formats.

Download Kazam Screencaster

VokoscreenNG – Free Screen Recorder for Linux

This is a simple yet easy screen capture application for this. The best thing about this is that it supports different video output formats and suitable audio input. This is able to record and specific area or the whole desktop.

Download VokoscreenNG

RecordMyDesktop – Best Ubuntu Screen Recorder

This one can make videos with synchronized audio, and users have the choice to select either any selected desktop area or the complete area. This is a CLI-based Linux screen capture app that is created on top of the C programming language. It offers two different graphical user interfaces based on GTK and QT4.

Users at any time can pause and resume this. It lets you highlight important sections of the video tutorial.

Download RecordMyDesktop

Peek – Record CentOS Linux Screen

Peek Screen Recorder Software

This is a simple tool with the help of which users can create an animated gif for the desktop. It carries different features but the main one is that it lets you set up the frame rate and delay time. It provides users with quite a modern yet sleek GUI.

Download Peek Screen Recorder

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Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio)

This is one of the most advanced and feature-rich recorders available in the market. This is able to stream directly through YouTube, Twitch, Daily Motion, and many others. This is fully-fledged software for Ubuntu Linux and is quite suitable for advanced users who need tech videos or live game streaming. Anyone can use this after knowing all the plug-in and configuration settings.

Download OBS Studio


Byzanz for Linux

This is a CLI-based application that is used to record video and audio in OGG and FLV formats.

The best thing about this one is that it can be used to create an animated gif.


This is yet another one on the list. It provides quite a simple option for recording desktop as video format which can be streamed directly through Youtube, Twitch or any other video host services later on.


VLC Screen Recorder Software

There are very few people out there who have not heard about this one. This is one of the most powerful yet popular Linux multimedia players. The best thing about this one is that it comes pre-packed with rich features, and screencasting is one of them. All you need to do is change the capture mode into desktop mode from the options setting. Moreover, users can also record videos or live stream them online.


This is a tool for Linux that can be used to record and stitch together small animated gifs or videos. The best thing about this one is that it supports both GIF and MP4 video output.

Download Gifine


This one is designed to make distance conference streaming simple yet easy. It simultaneously supports both audio and video streaming. The best thing about this one is that it comes in free and offers its users cross-platform resources.

Download Freeseer

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This one is used for creating interactive tutorial content. This one comes with competitive features for screen recording. The best thing about this is that it supports all the major OS platforms such as Windows, Linux, and other UNIX-based systems.

Krut (Command-line based)

Krut Screen Recorder - Terminal Based

This one does not carry an interface that does not look nice but it is one of the lightest recorders available in the market. This one is developed with Java, which is why it is portable and simple to use on other systems. with this users can perform all the tasks that a full-fledged recorder should do without any hassle.

Download Krut Computer Recorder


This seems to be one of the best recorders. It is simple but carries a modern user interface. The best thing about this one is that it provides users with an image editing tool that can be used for customizing the captured image. Users can capture a complete portion of the desktop or even of a selected area.

Download Shutter

Green Recorder

This is an essential productivity tool that is used to record your screen. There are different apps for Linux that work very well. At present, this one provides users with some best features that will blow your mind. This is a simple one that is able to support Xorg as well as Wayland – Gnome Session. This one is built on top of Python, GTK+, and FFmpeg.

Download Green Recorder

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Gnome Shell Screen Recorder

Did you know that there is an in-built screen recorder in Ubuntu? It is included as part of the Gnome shell desktop. Though it is well integrated it is also well hidden. For this, there is no app launcher, no menu entry to it, and no quick button to turn it on or off.

To access this you need to simply press a finger-flexing shortcut of the keyboard. This provides you with a basic, no-frill capture. It lets users record the desktop in full and that’s all about it.

This is not able to record any certain window or section of the desktop. Moreover, it does not record audio or sound and does not let users set frame rate, encode format, or anything else.

Gnome Desktop Screen Shell works out of the box in this and Fedora and any other Linux distro that uses its environment. These are saved to the videos folder in the WebM format automatically.

The Video file name includes the date and time of the capture. This is helpful if different successive recordings are made.

Over to you – How are you recording your screen?

I have shared the top 16 screen recorders for Linux that you can use to capture whatever you are doing now. Not only that! They are compatible with every distribution and are available for download. Let me know below in the comments which one are you using and why?

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