11 Best Free File Rename Tools For Windows 10 & 11 in 2022

We all suck at file naming conventions and ideas. At least I do. We have all been stuck in a situation where we lose files when we change their name and they lose their order or numbering, right? Yes, we did! This is why I have collected the best file rename software for Windows 10/11 that you can use to make this easy.

At times users go online to source for files like documents, images, organizational reasons. Such files are often renamed which are easier to track. Built-in tools may not be enough for this.

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11 Best File Renamer Tools for Windows 10/11 (Free)

1-ABC.net File Rename – Top pick

1-ABC.net File Rename Tool

This is used to check for all the boxes when it comes to batch file renaming and also provides support for external storage.


  • Carries an intuitive interface.
  • Activity log for renaming actions.
  • Allows users to save and restore such projects.
  • Comes with multi-lingual support (English, French, German, Catalon, Hungarian, and Polish).


  • No official Windows 10 support.

Visit 1-ABC.net Website

EF Multi File Renamer – Good for Bulk work

EF Multi File Renamer Tool

This is a windows explorer like software which is used to:

  • Rename files, folders, sub-folders along with providing some good options.

Users have the option to:

  • Use pre-defined tools but they can customize to their own liking.


  • Comes with clear and easy rules.
  • Carries multi-lingual support.
  • Supports third-party plugins.
  • A full preview of the new file name is shown.
  • Renaming filter restriction to rename only files under specific criteria.
  • Has recursive processing of subfolders and containing files.


  • It is not expensive but also does not come in free.

Visit EF Multi File Renamer Website

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Bulk Rename Utility – The name says it all

Bulk Rename Utility for Windows 10

Another one to make it to the list; quite easy to use. Carries a great interface. This one is quite powerful and highly functional.


  • Ability to auto date.
  • It is allowed to add prefix or suffix.
  • You can move or copy files to other locations.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Custom file formats.
  • EFIX tags.
  • ID3 v 1 tags.
  • License is free (private/ educational use)
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  • Carries a cluttered interface.
  • Lacks ID 3 v 2 support.

Visit Bulk Rename Utility Website

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File Renamer Basic – Great for starters

File Renamer Basic Software

A software that can be used to rename various files and images. Carries a great user interface that carries file listing and directory tree.


  • A solid file used for this purpose.
  • Well-designed interface.
  • The license is free with limited features.
  • Excellent help files.
  • Supports regular expressions, EXIF, ID3 v1 and ID3 v2, saved profiles for tasks repeated, renaming lists, and tag editing.


  • Features like sub-folder, undo, and logging and removed from the free version.

Visit Basic File Renamer Website

PFrank – A unique tool

PFrank File Renamer Tool

This is not your usual file renaming utility. It is a professional-grade tool and should be treated as one. It lets you organize multiple file types including photos, music, and videos.


  • The license is free.
  • Able to modify file properties and Meta tags.
  • Provides support to Metadata tags for different file types.


  • Hard in use than other software.
  • Not good for casual users.

Advanced Renamer – Good for Pros

Advanced Renamer Software

This tool carries an attractive interface. With the help of renaming methods, renames different files and folders.


  • Easy in use.
  • Free license.
  • Able to support regular expressions.
  • Carries good help files.
  • The file change list is supported.
  • Carries a picture preview.


  • Supports little of EXIF and ID 3 tags.

Visit Advanced Renamer Website

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Rename IT Tool

A simple program software with limited features. Does what it says on the tin.


  • Carries an intuitive interface.
  • Users can change cases effectively and do some basic cropping.
  • Able to support ID tags and regular expressions.


  • Carries fewer functions as compared to other software.

Visit Rename-it mirror website

ReNamer Lite

ReNamer Utility

This is yet another one on the list. It is seemed to be good software.


  • Installation is not required.
  • For power users, carries the PascalScript option.
  • Carries a good interface.
  • Supports a few different metatags and is quite powerful.


  • The help guide is not efficient.
  • The website may be malicious.

Note: It is important that you rename documents, images that are downloaded online before saving them on your system or phone. The software mentioned above is quite easy and comes in free.

Visit ReNamer Lite Website

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Metamorphose 2 – A mass file renamer

This is a complex yet efficient software used for this purpose.  The best thing about this is that it comes in free.

Metamorphose 2 Features:

  • Can rename files and folders at the same time.
  • Undo any operation.
  • Use regular expressions.
  • Read metadata such as ID3 and EXIF tags.
  • Helps to modify the length of names.
  • It helps to modify the case of the file name in different ways.
  • Able to support a number of languages and platforms.

Visit Metamorphose 2 GitHub Page

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Rename Master

With this give another name to your files, folders, documents, images, and even videos.

Rename Master Features:

  • It provides support for ID3 tags, regular expressions, scripts, and EXIF tags.
  • Carries smart number scoring.
  • Comes with the option to preview automatically.
  • Comes with the option to create file list columns.
  • Users can rename for scanning sub-folder.
  • Provides complete Unicode filename support.
  • It is portable, requires no installation.

Visit Rename Master Site

File Rename

A straightforward app for windows. It carries a simple user interface that helps to build and carry out file renaming operations either in batches or one at a time.

File Rename Features:

  • It helps to add text counters to a series of files.
  • It is portable.
  • Helps to add or delete strings of characters from the filenames.
  • Carries out tasks with help of regular expressions.

Some FAQs you need to know

  1. What is the fastest way to rename files?
  • Selecting it.
  • Then press the F2 key from the keyboard,
  • Type the name of the new file in the field.
  • Press return.

You’re done.

  1. Can we rename multiple files?

Yes, the output result shall however be limited.

  1. Is it possible to change multiple file extensions too?

Though the user can toggle visibility of file extension in windows 10 file explorer he won’t be able to change extensions in bulk by renaming documents. This can be done with the help of specialized third-party software solutions.

Closing Words

So these were the best file rename tools for Windows 10/11 that we recommend. One rule of thumb I have is that if I can do something in one go then why not? Hence the above list of utilities ranges from being basic to advanced.

My personal favorite is EF Multi and ReNamer, which ones are yours? Let me know in the comment section below!

Lee is a full-time developer at DekiSoft that is eager to discover new and exciting advancements in technology, AI, software, Linux and machine learning. He loves playing games in his spare time.

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  1. Need to rename image files starting with the date picture taken date YY-MM-DD then numbered starting at 001, then text which I enter myself, which is the best for this? Bulk renamer looked so confusing I couldn’t work it out, file renamer basic only adds the current date as far as I can see, any ideas please, have thousands of files to rename

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