12 Best Free Duplicate Photo Finders For Windows 11 in 2024

If your desktop is packed with a bunch of similar and identical-looking pictures then all you need is a dedicated free duplicate phone finder and cleaner. These copies of images not only store up space but also make the system and other devices super-slow. You don’t want that! So, with these 12 awesome duplicate photo finders for PC you can find those replica hidden copies very easily. It only takes a few minutes.

Many of these programs are available without a cost and offer different options for perfect identification of clone pictures to free up space and boost your system (Windows 7, 10, 11 and Mac) performance.

With ideal software, it all takes a quick scan you can sort all dupes for easy management. As these take a lot of time and effort, follow through to know about the best ones that shall help save time and also help you to organize your snap collection while recovering a considerable amount of disk space.

Best 12 Free Duplicate Photo Finder Software – Clean your duplicates

Duplicate Photo Cleaners

Duplicate File Fixer – Best Duplicate Finder for Windows 11

This is one of the most versatile multi-platform tools used to perform this task. It provides the user with various options on their system. Two things make it a fast finder and remover which are quick scan and automatic selection. It comes with a unique feature; a highlighting feature, this is the protection folder that shall give you scan results but not delete the contents.

Why it’s good

  1. Provides tips for user navigation.
  2. Able to find duplicate images, docs, videos as well as audio.
  3. Customize selection assistant.
  4. With auto mark selection is easy.
  5. Able to search file content.
  6. Scan the folders thoroughly.

Why it’s bad

  1. With a trial, you can only clean 15 files.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Free Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows 11

The award for the best one out there goes to this. It provides users with different modes of matching levels for some best results. Comes with a limited trial period so you can decide on whether you want to purchase it or not.

Why it’s good

  1. Comes with a preview option, so that the important file gets deleted.
  2. Multi-lingual.
  3. Carries auto-mark to remove exact and similar copies.
  4. For instant results has smart scanning.
  5. Able to detect duplicates based on content.

Why it’s bad

  1. 15 duplicates are removed in the trial.

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CCleaner – Top Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows 11


This is the most popular one by Piriform. A question might arise in your mind why did a PC cleaner and optimization software make it to the list? Well, not all know but it comes with a dedicated module, a duplicate finder with which you can scan your entire system and also erase the same portraits, selfies, landscapes and many other images.

Why it’s good

  1. This is the best tool for novices.
  2. Able to duplicate images, videos, songs and other files.
  3. Finds dupes that are based on name, size, date and content.

Why it’s bad

  1. The freeware version comes with limited functions.
  2. The scanning engine runs a bit slow.
  3. The regular installer can download unwanted add-ons.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner – Most Reliable Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

This is the fast yet easiest same image cleaner which is well-known for its precise comparing methods. This one goes beyond detecting similar-looking images as well so that your album carries no signs of the same images.

Why it’s good

  1. For instant results, you can adjust the scanning speed.
  2. In a click move or delete duplicates.
  3. To detect identical images comes with an image similarity threshold.
  4. Carries an ignore list to execute folders you don’t want to scare.

Why it’s bad

  1. It is expensive.
  2. Issues with scanning the entire hard drive.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro (Enhanced)

This one differs from the other options mentioned on the list as it has more advanced options to search for duplicate data. You are given the choice to choose on what basis you want to find files: content, filename, similar file name, size and much more.

Why it’s good

  1. Offers free license for 15 days.
  2. Allows seeing duplicates in bigger thumbnails.
  3. Able to clean duplicate pictures, music, files and documents,
  4. Exclude folders from dupes scanning.

Why it’s bad

  1. Carries a stuffed interface.
  2. Takes time if the data is large.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder – The Full Package

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

This is yet another choice that is used for this purpose. It makes sure that your album is clean and up to date. It compares resized, edited, and rotated pictures smartly enough so that you can best results and no clone pictures are left behind.

Why it’s good

  1. Comes with an easy yet intuitive interface.
  2. It shows duplicates in a classified manner.
  3. Able to show a similar percentage between the original and duplicate files.
  4. Deleted files make their way to the recycle bin.

Why it’s bad

  1. Comes with a limited feature set.
  2. It does not have an automatic deletion option.

Easy Duplicate Finder – For Beginners

Our list is definitely not completed if we do not mention this one. All you need to do is:

  1. Launch the program.
  2. Then drag and drop folders you want to scan to find exact and similar snaps.
  3. After this click on the “Go Fix Them” button.
  4. This shall select all the duplicates on your behalf automatically. Delete similar pictures accordingly.

Why it’s good

  • You can delete, move, rename and export duplicates.
  • You get to know about the amount of space being consumed.
  • Excludes all the files you do not want to scan.
  • Comes with a classy interface.

Why it’s bad

  • Results might differ from what has been selected.

VisiPics – The oldest in the game


This is an easy tool that comes with an easy interface and the best thing is that it does not overcomplicate things too much. It carries various matching options so that you can get the best results. Moreover, it can find similar-looking images that are scattered all over the system with different names, sizes, or orientations.

Why it’s good

  1. It is loaded with many tutorials.
  2. Comes with strict, basic and loose modes for accurate results.
  3. It supports popular file formats.
  4. You can start, stop, or even pause the scanning engine anytime you want.

Why it’s bad

  1. It has not been updated for quite some time now.
  2. The process of scanning can take time.
  3. CPU intensive.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

With so many similar pilings on the system, storage space becomes a mess and leads to reduced disk space and frequent slowdown. If you want to overcome such issues you need to get this and enjoy a de-cultured library in some clicks.

Why it’s good

  1. Comes with an auto-check to select all the duplicates at the same time.
  2. Start or pause to manage the scanning process.
  3. Carries many filters for comparison.

Why it’s bad

  1. If you are a novice user then it might be difficult to use this product.
  2. It is slow as compared to other similar tools.

Duplicate Photo Finder from Ashisoft

This one works with intelligent algorithms to find similarities in various pictures, it can easily find the same as well as snaps with the same pixels, rotated, flipped, resized or edited or edited pictures without any effort. The best thing is that it supports various file formats which means you can never miss a simple one from your system.

Why it’s good

  1. Carries a straightforward interface.
  2. Comes with different scanning, filtering as well as marking options.
  3. Offers a built-in photo viewer.
  4. It marks files based on drivers, folders and dates.

Why it’s bad

  1. It does not scan the sub-folders properly.
  2. Has no regular software updates.

Duplicate Image Remover v1.2

Duplicate Image Remover

This is a comprehensive duplicate clean-up solution that offers advanced searching capabilities for this purpose. The criteria to find is simple, it first distinguishes pictures based on the same format, size, name and so on. For detecting the same ones it detects snaps that are based on size, volume, filters, filers with a different name and much more.

Why it’s good

  1. It can perform fast scans.
  2. Comes with various options to scan files.
  3. It finds files that take up space on your system.
  4. Has a help guide that directs you on how to use this tool.

Why it’s bad

  • Stuffed interface.

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CloneSpy – Next-Gen Features

This is not a complicated tool in the cleaners market, with this user, can determine which dupes or files that carry the same name should be removed. You can move, delete, and even export redundant data to a certain folder or completely get rid of them. Unlike others on the list, it can also detect zero-length files meaning images with no content.

Why it’s good

  1. Fast scans.
  2. Various options to scan files.
  3. Find files that take up space on the system.
  4. Comes with a helpful guide.

Why it’s bad

  1. Stuffed interface. Too many options can confuse novices.

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Final Words – How are you removing your photo duplicates?

I know we all have a lot of clutter on our phones and even our desktops. This is where the 12 apps above can help you clean duplicate photos from your storage. These will help you free a lot of space, an average of 2GB per cleanup. This is very good and means that you can store a lot more memories instead of having clones of files that are not needed.

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