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Today internet and online platforms have become a boon for students’ education. Chegg is one of the dominating names best known for its best student services. Though everything is on point and perfect, still need to find the best Chegg alternatives and sources from now and then that are high on the web. These are used to provide the same experience to learners and also give it tough competition.

About Chegg – What you need to know

This is an American company that assists students around the globe with their studies. It offers them a variety of assistance, which makes learning easy and hassle-free. Students need to pay to get access to services. Now, it not only helps students with their homework but also provides them with different opportunities such as scholarships and internships.

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The services Chegg offers:

Sources like Chegg

Have your own on-demand tutor

It connects students with personal tutors. As per help required teachers charge a fee.

Rent textbooks online – Super helpful service

It aids students worldwide to buy new or old books as per their needs. It also gives discounts on the purchase of old books. The best thing is that students can sell their old books and get their money back.

Get help with your coursework

It takes around $14.95 per month for students to review their homework assignments and research papers for any mistakes including grammar. Moreover, it helps students who have issues with solving mathematical problems.

The 8 Best Chegg Alternatives – Sources like Chegg for Students and Tutors

Book Finder – A database of every book in the world

Book Finder

It has a benchmark in assisting students. It was started back in 1997 and since then it is best known for the services which it provides to its students around the world.

It has modified the way to find books; if you are a learner, you can search for more than 100k inventory booksellers globally. Also, you need to name the book and it shall make it available to you with an exact edition, the price range varies.

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PaperHelp Site Homepage

The best alternative whose amazing services are worth mentioning, in that students has the freedom to select the type of writing they want for their work/assignment. Moreover, it aids scholars to produce original content which has not been produced earlier.

It all depends upon students’ preferences; they can add in a deadline and it shall make sure to submit it before time.

The best thing is that it assures privacy. The data and information is safe from third-party interference.

Grademiners – Essay writing professionals

Grademiners Site Homepage

Looking for an experienced tutor? Give this a try. This is a paper writing service that makes tasks like completing assignments and homework easy by providing students with assistance from subject matter experts.

Tutors guide how to produce a perfect piece. Subscribe to their monthly plan or pay as per your time with the tutor.

They have good customer service. The best features include digital whiteboards, good messaging facilities and good audio and video.

99Papers – All the research papers you ever need

This is deemed to be a blessing for all beginners at content writing. They provide complete assistance by reviewing the content. It checks out grammar, spelling and the tone of writing.

SellBackBooks – Sell your old Textbooks

Study Sites like Chegg

Do you plan to earn some money by using a book? If yes, then you can now use for this. Sell over your used books and textbooks by using this easy-to-use site.

It is simple, fast and yet profitable at the same time. The best thing is that they even pay for shipping charges for all books you sell to them.


This very popular online text and e-book seller that provides 91% in discounts by singing their core technology. With this buy or rent out books as per your needs and focus on studying by saving more.


It does not have the same popularity but is no less than Chegg. It provides you with everything it does and adds features you shall not find elsewhere.

This not only helps on to learn textbooks but also helps you to absorb new knowledge and learn new skills. It is easy and fun to learn new skills.

The best thing is that it provides degrees and certificates from established institutions and universities worldwide. For this, you just need to enroll in online lectures, attend lectures and give online exams.

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eBay Books Category

eBay Study Books

This is not a direct alternative but works quite effectively if you know how to use it. It provides you with all types of study material. All you need to do is sort it out a bit and then you can get whatever you want.

As this is an online buying and selling service thus you can get everything you want. The best thing is that you find all kinds of old and used books and buy them at lower prices or even sell your old books.

It helps you to look and find books which are not common plus you can get them at cheap rates.

Last Words: Do you use any Chegg Alternatives for books or studying?

There are always choices available no matter how excellent and good the original service is. This is where websites and sources like Chegg come into action. There are some free sites that offer the same textbooks, tutors, help and Q&A expert service. You should be able to find plenty of resources for your course on the above alternatives.

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