5 Best Free Ad Blockers for Windows 11 2022 (Block Ads on Edge)

We work with full enthusiasm and interest but once ads pop up the concentration gets to zero. It is important that we have an ad blocker. It is reported that the blocking system for Chrome is going down the hill and Microsoft is trying hard to convert Edge as the default browser. Today Microsoft Edge is seemed to be a fast browser that provides us with the benefit of speed to open different web pages. This is why our list of the 5 best free ad blockers available for Windows 11 will be helpful to save your online privacy and being tracked by cookies.

Why use an Ad blocker on Windows 11

It relies on filter lists that decide what to and not to block or what is going to appear on the pages we visit. These carry a list of URLs in form of an allowlist or blocklist.

When we visit a site, it checks to see if it is on the filter list, if yes then the request for external content gets blocked and it’s not downloaded.

These get maintained by the third-party community which is not connected with any AdBlock developers or any such companies.

Has the technology changed?

  • Companies need to come up with strategies in which they can convey as well as the user is not disturbed as well.
  • Companies need to have non-disruptive and non-intrusive ways when accessing information without hindering the privacy of the user.
  • It also blocks practices from Microsoft such as collecting diagnostic data causing privacy concerns to users.

Who would use them

These are used by different companies as a marketing tool to promote their offering to the users to increase sales and revenue. With ads, companies raise awareness regarding their product and services.

Without these, we won’t be able to buy any of our favorite products or get to know about different deals.

3 Major Benefits:

  • Companies promote their offerings.
  • Consumers get know-how regarding deals, discounts, services.
  • Consumers can make informed decisions.
  • You do not see any useless ads or malicious ones that may install adware.
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5 Best Free Ad Blockers for Windows 11 To Block Ads on Edge, Chrome and Firefox

AdBlock – Chrome and Edge Compatible


This is able to block many ads on Edge. Its structure is easy; with this, we can block annoying ones on both social media platforms and web pages. While using this browser it is very useful as not all include the newly found browser. We suggest using this as this is a great option.

For now, it has more than 200 million users and is reliable as well. With this block ad on Facebook, Youtube and many other popular media platforms. It is able to work on all tabs and stops them and allows you to browse the internet without any interruption. The best thing is that it does not track any browsing history or monitor data online.

What it provides:

  • Saves memory.
  • Increases speed.
  • Stops on social media platforms.
  • Stop them both on the phone and desktop.
  • Privacy which is enhanced by online monitoring is stopped.

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Ad Blocker from AdGuard – Seamless

AdGuard Free Ad Blocker

This is quite a popular option on the list as it keeps browsing away from social media. We all know that our data is collected and used by media platforms. This shall not give them any chance to show up for suggestions page on Facebook or any other popular social media platform available. To protect us from danger our keep our privacy it is able to block malicious sites and pages. It carries a list of around 2,000,000 sites that are harmful and shall be blocked as soon as we start using it.

What it provides:

  • Carries a social media filter button.
  • It can read anti-block scripts.
  • Provide great protection.
  • Fast.
  • Light in weight.
  • Spyware won’t trouble anyone.
  • Blocks pop-ups.
  • Blocks Youtube from playing on web pages.

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Ghostery – Stealth


It is another option on the list which is able to ban them and stop other sites from users tracking data and history. This is different from others mentioned on the list as on this we get to select what kinds of ads we intend to block. It does not get down and can continuously ban all of them. It protects our privacy. Once these are stopped page performance shall be stopped and the browser shall be optimized.

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What it provides:

  • Comes in free.
  • Stops harmful sites from opening.
  • Adware is blocked.
  • Tracking is disabled.
  • Improvised performance for browsing.

Ad Blocker Ultimate – Faster internet

Adblocker Ultimate

With this, all our focus gets on the important stuff as ads get blocked on web pages. This comes in free and performs in the best way. As the malware gets blocked Edge Browser shall not open any such site links. With this, we can block any as we wish which pops up while browsing the web. For ads, no exceptions are made and all get blocked. Whitelist these are not allowed to be shown on social media platforms or web pages.

What it provides:

  • Comes in free.
  • Tracking gets disabled.
  • Improvised performance.
  • Adware is blocked.
  • Harmful sites can’t be opened.

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uBlock Origin – CPU Heavy

uBlock Origin

This one is a light in weight extension and blocks ads and allows no malicious website to cause harm to the PC. It carries an improvised anti-tracker that is able to abolish any browsing data or history to be sold to other sites. This is open source and can be used on any platform. The best thing is that it is customizable and is light on CPU memory and won’t the system any slow. You can also use a CPU temperature monitoring tool to make sure the temps aren’t too high. Its menu has options for features and configurations. We can set the extension to On or Off for any site we need.

What it provides:

  • Can be used to various platforms.
  • Comes free at the Microsoft store.
  • Lists of sites blocked are available/
  • The interface is customizable.
  • Light in weight on the CPU memory.
  • We can quickly enable or disable it.

Conclusion: Do you condone the use of an AdBlocker?

Cookies are what is behind these clever advertisement campaigns and when you think they are listening to what you say. This is where people prefer using free ad blockers for Windows 11 because they stop online tracking of your activities around the web. Who wouldn’t in reality? The major downside is that many online publishers lose revenue because they don’t get displayed causing them to resort to much harsher measures such as not allowing you to view their content until you whitelist them.

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