The 9 Best Free Driver Updaters For Windows 11 In 2021

The driver is used for controlling the hardware components so that they can work properly. The truth is that we cannot expect our system to work properly if the drivers are old or not installed. This is common. We have brought you the 9 best driver updaters that are free forever to download.

When windows receive an update only then it updates it drivers but it does not cover all the manufacturers and hardware components. However, there are chances that they might miss out on an update or not any driver at all which leads to a component not working.

If you are facing issues such as freezes, glitches, poor and slow performances then you are at risk of driver issues. It is not easy to update a driver manually as you need to find out the component causing the problem, its model, driver installed currently, and then search online for the latest one.

If you do not want to get into all these hassles then all you need is an automatic driver updater that can update the hardware drivers as well as keep them up to date for better yet smooth working. These tools carry quite a big database of millions of drivers which make sure you get the latest driver or older ones that are not found commonly.

We are using a PC with Windows 11 installed, updated to the latest version to make sure all the drivers by Windows are all ready to run.

Best 9 Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 11

IObit Driver Booster 8 – The editors pick

IOBit Driver Booster

This is a powerful tool that is used to update drivers and carries some extra tools to fix related issues and boost up your gaming experience if you are a game lover. It has a free version as well which is used to scan and update important drivers but to update the outdated drivers manually you need to click on them individually.

With the pro-version, one can update all drives which are outdated automatically and get all the important gaming components that are missing from the system like Microsoft Visual C++. Moreover, you can also backup drivers before updating them plus it carries a Rollback button through which one can quickly undo the changes.

It carries some side tools as well like a sound fixer, driver errors fixer, resolution fixer, as well as a tool to clear data of all the unplugged devices which are not used anymore. The best thing is that one can set it to update drivers offline as well; this is very useful to update different devices or updating network, card drivers.

AVG Driver Updater – Fast and secure

AVG Driver Updater

This is a simple one that makes all this two-click process. For this, just click on the “scan” button to scan all the drivers and compare them with the database. After this, hit “update selected” to download outdated drivers and automatically install them.

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One can view details like published date and when it got installed on the system. Uncheck the one you don’t want to update.

The best thing is to set for notification so that whenever an update is available you get to know. Moreover, you can also back up the current settings of the driver before having a scan to save yourself from incorrect installation.

Get this one at $39.99 per year. It does not carry a free version but gives it a try through its free trial version.

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Driver Easy – Good for newbies

Driver Easy

This is yet another one on the list which has many features to make things go easy. What this does is scan the system while still looking for the highest number out outdated drivers. It has a free version that finds all the outdated drivers but needs to be updated manually.

You can update all the drivers at once with the paid version as well as backup and restore them if any issues occur. Moreover, you can also their complete information within driver easy interface and scan drivers offline.

The best thing is that it also comes with an option with which one can manage internet proxy, make a full system restore point as well as schedule automatic scans. These features are included in the free version as well.

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Avast Driver Updater – A huge Database

Avast Driver Updater

This one carries a premium updater through which we can find as well update drivers, it gives a quick scan and updates in a single click.

It has similar features and scanning power to AVG driver updater from what we have seen and tested. With this find out about the drivers, set notifications to get updates. The best thing is that works in a fast mode.

If you are not sure you have the option to back up and go back. It costs are £34.99 per year and a 15 days trial version.

DriverPack Solution Online – Most Reliable and 100% Free

DriverPack Solution

If you are a new user then this one is suggested as it handles everything automatically without any user interface. All you have to do is click on the “start installing” button and it shall do its job.

To take full control, just click on “open expert mode” there at the bottom. In this mode, the toll shall list all the drivers which need to be updated and provide alternatives if there is more than one.

It provides is users with an offline version that can be downloaded to update them (25 GB). In short, download their entire database for free and use it from anywhere.

DriverMax – No Shortage


This is another free option on this list. With this scan all the outdated scanners as well as download important missing components.

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With this users can also get components such as Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, Direct X, Java, Microsoft .NET framework as well as other ones which make it to run games and apps.

With its free version, one can backup drivers as well as restore them whenever they want to, now interestingly this feature is found only in paid versions. This is a good tool to use through which one can install extra components for free. Its paid version only makes things quite convenient.

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Auslogics – HP, Lenovo and Dell specific

Auslogics Driver Updater

On our system, it took quite some time to scan all the drivers around 4x more than the average time compared to other tools. It found out 23 outdated drivers which is more as compared to others on the list plus found a security driver which others missed out on.

It carries a free version with which one can manually update drivers plus is limited to certain updates as well. If you want unlimited updates just get the paid version plus it also offers complete backups, automatic installation as well as automatic schedules.

As compared to others it is much efficient, if others do not work this definitely will.



Now, this tool was not able to find many outdated drivers plus it did not scan drivers for plugged devices such as keyboard or mouse. This indeed is a good thing as such devices are prone to stop working if a wrong driver is installed.

It carries features like full back, restore, notification as well as automatic updating drivers. The best thing is that it carries all the history of installed drivers. To update unlimited drivers just get the paid version.

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Ashampoo Driver Updater – Most Recommended

Ashampoo Driver Updater

This is a good option that founded out 11 drivers without including plug-in device drivers. It carries a good interface as it gives in outdated as well as up-to-date drivers; with a single click see all the details. We suggest this if you want to manually find drivers.

It is customizable and makes an ignore list to avoid updating ones you find cause an issue. If you find any issue after updating a driver then just add it in the ignore list, with this schedule scans to keep drivers up to date.

Like others, it has a paid version as well with which you can update the driver with a single click while others features can be found for free.

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Conclusion: Which Driver Updater is your top choice?

Drivers are a very important part of the operating system to make the hardware run. It’s like having a car without no one to drive it, make sense? This is why we have put together a list of the best driver updater in 2021 for Windows 11. We have got some very top choices in the list such as IObit, Ashampoo and DriverPack. All of these have their own perks but the most important one is that they are Free.

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