Best 10 Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10 Available in 2024 (Free Picks)

A bittersweet moment for all the users of Windows 10 was when Microsoft did away with desktop gadgets from Windows 7 and replaced them with Store Apps. As many users had their comfort level with them, taking them off the system was a big change. They got introduced to Vista and were quite popular with all the further versions. This article focuses on 10 of the best and most beautiful desktop gadgets for Windows 10 that you can download free.

These were taken away as they made both the system and its content vulnerable. Through this, a hacker can get access to your system. For irreplaceable entities, however, users kept downloading and using them with the help of third-party vendors.

List of 10 Best Free Windows 10 Gadgets – Make your Desktop Beautiful Again

Gadgets Revived – For Music Lovers

Gadgets Revived for Windows 10

This one gets you all the gadgets that you need and works in more of a pick-your-own-thing fashion. Now, what you do is you download it and then select the ones that you wish to install.

These things are grouped into more than 16 categories. Every one is designed to cater to different kinds of the same one. It carries crucial ones such as a calculator, MusicRadio, Counters, Timers, and Clipboard Manager.

Visit Gadgets Revived Site

8GadgetPack – Best Windows 10 Gadget

8GadgetPack for Windows 10 Download

With this, you can use the most popular yet common applications on Windows 10. For now, it has introduced an advanced version that can handle many errors and glitches reported in the last version.

It was also updated for the anniversary update and many works on them. It carries an App launcher, CPU meter, Drive meter, clipboard, currency, and reminder. Now, the ones that you do not like or want can be deleted easily.

Download 8GadgetPack for Windows 10

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Rainmeter – All you need

This is yet another customization tool for your windows. The best part about this one is that it carries many skins along with an ever-growing collection of various applications rolled out by its dedicated community.

With this, you can personalize your Windows desktop and access useful information, and keep eye on the performance of the system.

It carries to-do lists, media players, weather information, CPU usage, etc.

Version 4.3 has been launched recently. It brings instability and improvement in performance. 4.0 is still in the beta version. If you need to be sure that the tool runs best on your PC then you need to install version 3.3.3.

Download Rainmeter for Windows 10

Win10 Widgets – Watch Weather and CPU/RAM Usage Gadget

Win10 Widgets Gadget Download

Now, this one is futuristic for many reasons. It caters to all the basic needs like battery, music, and Wi-Fi and also works on responsiveness. It carries provisions for customizing wallpapers or adjusting the size of the screen. Its makers have ensured that it fits in with the theme of Windows 10. One thing that may bug the user is that it does not carry an auto-update function. You need to visit its website and keep tabs on the latest updates.

This is can work on the Rainmeter program and is quite efficient. You can install both in one package. As this one is also a gadget editor thus the user can customize their system. The best thing about this is that it is the most effortlessly designed widget. From mail to weather to clock, all are coordinated according to requirement; if the user wishes to change them, that can be done easily.

Download Win10 Widgets for Windows 10

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AveDesk – Enhance your look

Avedesk for Windows 10 Download

This one sticks to basics and let you have icons on your desktop screen. Keep in mind that the icons are quite different and advanced as well plus they come in with little plug-ins with are able to multi-task. The desklets act as shortcuts such as mail, calculator, etc.

For now, its features have been updated, giving it a sleeker and more accomplished look. Moreover, it has worked hard to improve the user experience. Now, if you wish to have a tool for your Windows 10, this one is highly recommended.

Download AveDesk for Windows 10

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XWidget – Free Windows 10 Gadget

XWidget for Windows 10
XWidget – Image Credit: FileHorse

It has gained a lot of popularity among designers and employees in the creative sector. This again is a widget editor which carries pro-level animations. It is quite stable and is quite in demand for its graphics.

It has been applauded in the tech world due to updating its user experience with every edition. This is one of the best alternatives to 8GadgetPack.

Download XWidget for Windows 10

App Launcher

This is one of the most user-friendly tools that work as a launch bar. In this, all you need to do is drag whichever app you want to the screen. The best part about this one is that it can be downloaded all for free plus you can also get it from the chrome store.

Download App Launcher for Windows 10

Network Meter – Monitoring Your Bandwidth and Speed

For the past two years, this has been one of the most widely used tools. It is designed with the purpose to tell users how connectivity issues. It deals with details of your hotspot connection to Ethernet. This is not an ordinary tool and is helpful if you work from off-site. It carries many features but the most prominent is that with this u can keep tabs on your download speed. In recent times, it has been updated for high-res visibility.

Download Network Meter for Windows 10

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Margu-NotebookInfo2 – HD Windows 10 Gadget

This one has a little twist as it is one of the most underrated tools. It lets users keep tabs on several things at once. It shows everything from the battery to your power, network strength, and even RAM usage. It is a serious multi-tasker.

Download Margu-NotebookInfo2

Gadgetarian – Weather Gadget for Windows 10

Gadgetarian Software

This lets you bring all your favorite Windows 7 gadgets to the Windows 10 desktop. The best thing about this application is that it is quite light in weight, the installation process is very intuitive as you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the installation is done, do not restart your device for the effects.

Click-right on the desktop to enable the context menu and then select the gadgets option to explore what the tool brings in for you.

If you are somehow not satisfied with any tool then you can remove it.

It is very easy to add one to your desktop, double click it and it shall appear on the desktop.

Keep in mind that it is used to enable windows native function which does not affect the integrity of the OS.

Download Gadgeterian for Windows 10

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All CPU Meter – Detailed CPU stats Gadget

Another free gadget that you can use to monitor your CPU and RAM usage all in one widget. The uniqueness comes in showing the voltage and temperature of each individual core. For example, If you have a Core i7 processor with 6 Cores and 12 threats, all cores will show their load percentage and temperature. It also shows processor brand logo such as Intel or AMD on the top-left.

Download All CPU Meter

Conclusion – Which Gadget are you using?

I personally only use a gadget to monitor my CPU usage and temperature. The sole reason because I have a gaming PC. How about you? Are any of the above 10 best desktop gadgets useful to you? Do let me know which ones are you using that are not in the above list e.g. Music, Weather or Clock ones.

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  1. The gadget that I miss most (that last summer stopped working) is the Windows Live Calendar. I think it’s no longer supported by the developer, but I would love to figure out how to get it working again. Basically it gathers calendar events from local addresses and displays them in the gadget. Any suggestions on how to do that?

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