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Today we have many sites for file-sharing like papers, journals, papers, or the like such as Chegg or Course Hero. Now we bring you Academia Downloader that allows you to freely download PDF and other such documents from official site.

Now, how to get a file from this, we might have different questions in our mind; do you log in first, we do not need to log in and many others.

This is a social networking website for academics to be precise. Use this to share docs like research, monitor research impact analysis as well as take part in research in particular fields.

For now, it has registered 136 million academics, per month total visitors reach more than 54 million and they aim to accelerate world research.

What is Academia Downloader

It was founded by Richard Price. The company uses its legal name Academia Inc due to its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our tool allows users to download files from multiple links without having to login with their account each time.

After the acquisition of its rival Mendeley, Elsevier sent in many takedown notices to them which have been ceased, following many complaints made by academics according to its founder and chief executive.

Academia Downloader Features

  1. We can see who reads our papers and learn all about interests in research and also get in contact.
  2. Get a notification upon being cited, mentioned, referenced, thanked, or even acknowledged by any author.
  3. One can have more know-how about how colleagues interact with your work.
  4. We can have a look at the university, title as well as the location of all those who view your profile.
  5. Get a personal site that is powered by academia profile.
  6. One can make an advanced search.
  7. Find about new fellowships as well as grants in the field.
  8. Get the summarized version of research work with automatic reports of search queries that have been saved.
  9. One can pick up new skills learn new careers and even expand knowledge with courses being offered.
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Quick advantages

These are as followed:

  • Students are exposed to the research community.
  • Comes in free.
  • Diverse learning among students.

3 Ways To Download Academia Documents (No Login Required)

There are different ways for this like using academia account and many downloader sites.

In such a case this can be done either on the system, laptop, or even a phone device. All this is fun and easy to do.

#1: Use Official Academia Account

Academia Premium Account

If you wish to get any file from this then you need to have an account. Over here various choice accounts can be used.

You just need to log in with your Google or Facebook account but if you do not have either then don’t worry as it provides other options as well using the email registered on the website. For this

  1. Visit the site
  2. Login through Facebook or Google account.
  3. Find the required document by clicking on “search column”, and then you need to select the file.
  4. Based on keywords many docs are displayed.
  5. After displaying the document page which you selected before.
  6. Download it by hitting the “download” button.
  7. Wait for it to automatically download.

If at any time you see any pop-up, simply hit the “close” button there at the top right corner.

Once it is downloaded, you need to go back to the last page, at this point you can inform the file owner regarding what interested you to get this.

  1. Hit send to send.
  2. Hit skip ignoring.
  3. Wait for it to automatically download.

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#2: Use DekiSoft Doc Downloader

Academia Dekisoft Doc Downloader

One can download without logging in at first. The best sites for this are DekiSoft Doc Downloader. Use this to get files from Academia. For this:

  1. Open “browser”.
  2. Visit
  3. Make a login with Facebook or Google account.
  4. Click the “search” column and find the file you wish to get.
  5. Chose file from many docs displayed.
  6. See the URL column and copy it.
  7. Access site
  8. Choose “academia downloader menu”.
  9. Paste URL in the provided column.
  10. Hit “get link”.
  11. Tick “I’m not a robot” in provided CAPTCHA.
  12. Hit “download PDF” and wait for some time.
  13. You shall be redirected to the download page followed by clicking download original PDF.
  14. Your file shall be automatically downloaded.

#3: Use the mobile app – For PDF

Academia PDF Downloader

As it has many users, the related parties have designed an application that can be used by Android and iOS users.

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This is best for all those who want to save themselves from the fuss of downloading or opening docs via a system browser.

With few steps, enjoy downloaded files. In a simple way just download and install its app.

One can use Google or Facebook accounts to access it.

For this:

  • Get the application from the play store or app store.
  • Log in with Facebook or Google account.
  • From the search, the menu finds the file you wish to get.
  • Select files you are looking for.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Hit the “download available files” button and the file shall be saved automatically.

Academia Alternatives

It has many competitors such as Google Scholar and Mendeley. It had more registered users as compared to others back in 2016 with more web traffic but the other one was larger in terms of active usage of researchers which is also a good point. But for now, everything has changed research gate is in the top150-200 sites in global Alexa ranks as compared to the 200-300 range for

Now, unpaywall is seemed to be a competitor to this for those who prefer legally sound green open access hosts.

Some of the alternatives we recommend:

  1. Chegg Downloader
  2. Scribd Downloader for Chrome and PC.
  3. Course Hero Downloader Online and for Chrome.

Academia Downloader Useful FAQs

Academia Download FAQs

Can I access some papers without any cost?

Yes, all are free to get and read. If you wish to download then get an account. For reading only you do not need any account.

What is the premium subscription and do I need it?

These are exclusive features from this site through which users can learn a lot about readers as well as enhance their experience.

After using this tool, will my subscription keep working?

Yes, all this tool will do is ask you to sign in with your account then authenticate via a special API. For this click on cancel auto-renew “cancel automatic renewal” from the setting page of premium.

Academia Downloader Free – Easily Download any Document or PDF

There is an end to your suffering now! Students can now efficiently and effortlessly use Academia Downloader free online. It is 100% free and online to use and is regularly updated with new features and checked for bugs. It allows you to save PDFs and other documents in an instant. We recommend you have a PDF editor or viewer available before installation.

Version: 1.2

Installer size: 51 MB.

Academia Downloader (Free)

Academia Downloader - #1 Tool for PDF documents
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Academia Downloader is a very helpful tool that allows you to download PDF and other research documents or papers to your PC or via the Chrome browser. The main advantages of using it are that it is very versatile, free and open source. If you want to save time while doing your coursework give this a try.academia-downloader-free

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