The 13 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips For 2024 - Make Yourself Standout

Like many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is yet another world’s largest professional network available on the net. You can use this to find the right job or internship, connect and even manage your identity.

As LinkedIn is mostly a professional social media platform you can say. While keeping this in mind, it’s paramount to make sure your profile stands out and sets an example to others. You can improve your LinkedIn profile for more reach by following any of our top 13 LinkedIn profile tips.

13 Simple Yet Powerful LinkedIn Profile Tips To Use – Make your LinkedIn Profile the best

Keep an eye on the Endorsements received

As these begin to make an entry you may find that they skew the emphasis of your profile in specific ways that don’t reflect who you are. We can put it in a way that your area is content marketing but people, you have worked with on events are more enthusiastic endorsers. Make sure to be proactive in this by using the edit feature in the skills section of your profile, the best thing is that you can select what to show and what not to show.

Profile Pictures Speaks a million words

LinkedIn Tips for good profile

This is your calling card so make sure to select the correct one, this is how you shall be introduced; for this be sure you have a recent click, make up your face takes up around 60% of it, we suggest you wear something which you wear to work and don’t forget to smile with your eyes. People are always searching profiles and can also view your profile without needing to sign in. These are anonymous viewers and sometimes are from organizations interested in your skills be it software engineering or Linux.

Publish and Post about your outstanding work

This is one of the most underused elements in profiles, meaning if you use this feature, you can easily stand out from the crowd to draw attention to existing thought-leadership content.

Request Recommendations from colleagues

Endorsements give people viewing your profile a quick and visual sense of what you value. When it comes to recommendations then they take things a step further. For those who do not know these are personal testimonials that are written down to illustrate the experience of working with you.

You shall see a drop-down menu in the recommendation section which is quite handy and makes it very easy to reach out to certain contacts and request recommendations. For this, all you need to do is take out some time and then think about the one you would most value a recommendation from and then personalize your request. Trust me it is all worth it.

Add more connections and network

If you intend to grow then make sure to sync your profile with your email address book, it enables the platform to suggest people you can connect with. This is quite effective. The best thing is that no one can send you connection requests without your permission which means you can vet all potential connections. As a bonus make sure to follow up meetings and conversations with its connection requests as this is a great way to keep your network vibrant and up to date.

Highlight the services you offer

This is a new feature which has been added and for sure it helps consultants, freelancers and all those who are working for smaller businesses to showcase range of services which is being offered by them. This helps to boost visibility in search results.

A cover photo is key

This is kina the second visual element at top of your profile picture. It for sure grabs the attention of the people sets the context and then shows more about what’s important to you. Now, the right background picture helps your page to stand out, engage attention as well as stay memorable. People can also find you using reverse image search tools if a photo is found online.

Join Employee Wellness programs

This is kind of a platform that helps different businesses to launch and then manage employee advocacy programs and also generates some great insights on the impact that employee sharing has on those who are doing the sharing. For those who do not know 87% of employee advocates say that sharing content has positively affected their careers.

If you are using Elevate for your business then this is the best way to take a more active role in getting your brand content out there but if not then still it is worth reaching out to colleagues and asking them all about the content worth sharing.

Follow your role models

Best LinkedIn Profiles

Doing this shall help you to put a range of interesting content in the feed that can be shared when you think it adds value. Moreover, it also helps to give context to your profile and demonstrate your passion for what you do.

Your summary is your life story – tell it wisely

First, make sure to have a summary as many of us leave this field blank. This is really a chance to tell your story therefore don’t use it to list your skills or the job titles you have earned. Try to be a bit more expressive than why those skills matter. Please invest some time in this and try out new and different drafts as without any doubt we can say that this is your piece of content marketing and all worth the effort.

Show that you keep learning

Best LinkedIn Tips that are useful

Now when you complete a course on LinkedIn Learning you can add in a course certificate to your profile, now this can be done from within the Learning History Section of your learning account where you can also send updates regarding your learning to your learning if you select.

Share useful information

The marketing collateral which your product can add some extra spice and dimension to your own profile too, when you share in case studies, white papers and other brand content helps to show what the business you work for is about and also helps others to understand what makes you tick. Moreover, it is also used to demonstrate both passion and commitment.

Don’t get your profile compromised – Very important

Always keep your profile secure by enabling technology such as 2fa, LinkedIn safety center shows you how to do this. It will not look good if suddenly a malicious hacker gets access to your LinkedIn and starts posting material that would look like a shame. Hence it is more important than ever to look after your security as there are hacking tools available that anyone can use to initiate attacks.

Engage in other posts

Doing this gives you prominence within the feed and expresses why you believe a specific piece of content matters. Now the comments that are well expressed also help out to share a broader range of content. We can put it like this you disagree with a point of view but still, find it interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions about LinkedIn Tips

Does following LinkedIn profile tips get you banned?

No not at all. In fact, following profile tips can help your profile positively in achieving more views, be more attractive and look more professional.

What includes a good example of a LinkedIn Profile?

A good example of a LinkedIn profile is one that has all information filled out, This includes having a good detailed summary of more than 200 Words, recommendations, a comprehensive work history and your certifications and education added.

How can I make my LinkedIn profile more attractive?

The answer is simple. The more skills you have along with the experience will make you very attractive when compared to others. It is important that you implement and optimize your profile by following best-practice tips.

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Social media profiles are what define us now. People or even employers can quickly look you up and it gives them a good image of who you are. Using any of our 13 best LinkedIn Profile Tips will make your profile the perfect example! It is vital to have information on your LinkedIn up-to-date and be attractive to anyone be it in technology or any other industry.

Feel free to share any LinkedIn tips you have up your sleeves that may be relevant and helpful to the above. Peace.

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