Top 11 Best Windows 11 Themes in 2024 (Free Download)

You have landed at the right place if you often change your desktop image. We have added the top 11 best Windows 11 Themes, some of these are free while for some you need to pay. If you are not planning to upgrade, you can still try Windows 10 skins. We have shared a wide variety of Minimalistic, Aesthetic and beautiful skins all to please your eyes and desktop.

Setting up a new theme not only makes your experience good but also is quite easy to set up. Moreover, it shocks users with so many options that are out in the market.

The 11 Best Windows 11 Themes (Updated)

Awesome Anime – Best Windows 11 Theme 

Awesome Anime

This carries around 21 different wallpaper options that feature various characters, one that carries art that all shall be proud to show off including the Awesome Anime Theme from the One can select artwork in different stages and choose between fully colored pieces or pencil drawings that host some anime characters.

Share your passion for the culture of Japan with a good image and some delicious food and a favorite anime song.

3D Theme – Visual Effects

It comes from and has some of the best backgrounds made from 3D figures and provide users with interesting shapes and colors.

If you have an intense job, then you might want to stare at the screen and relax, this show-off interest in art, science, and technology and also spurs some amazing conversation from onlookers.

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Windows XP Theme – Classic Feel

Windows XP Theme

If you love the Windows XP design and do not want to upgrade, this one is for you.

This was a successful OS from Microsoft and today many people use it due to its ease of use.

Get the same simplicity by getting this from IntoWindows. With this one can benefit from this but with some new technology.

Ubuntu Skin Pack – Linux Special

We understand that all Windows 11 users are not a big fan of its look and that to some extent is quite ok. Linux developed Ubuntu which is used by professionals who are in the engineering field and work with robotics. If you are tired of its look and still wish to have the computing power of a system and don’t want to learn completely new systems then consider this from It is easy to download and install it.

Animal Kingdom – Nature-inspired

Animal Kingdom Theme

There is nothing better than seeing a picture of a happy animal. It features around 15 different images of frogs, horses, and silly meerkats all for one’s entertainment.

This is the best choice for all who love animals and want to avoid spending time looking for animal videos on YouTube.

Star Wars Ultimate – Aesthetic Style

If you are a big of Star Wars then this is the best choice. It carries different characters from galaxies residing far away.

It comes from the theme raider which includes modified cursors, backgrounds, and desktop icons that feature heroes and villains from each era of the Star Wars saga.

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Anthem Two – Beautiful Icons 

Anthem Two Best Windows 11 Theme

At times to switch things up all you need to have is a new color palette. It carries some beautiful pastels like greys and pinks and provides a soothing, vacation-type landscape when you get it from

Forgotten Relics

We all get fascinated when we talk or see anything about shipwrecks, abandoned buildings and plane crashes. It carries 19 different images of planes, trains, automobiles lost to humanity which are accompanied by amazing landscapes. Use all these backgrounds to ponder weightier things in life. All the images are set in Iceland, Bolivia, and much more which allow users to get some inspiration to travel around the globe by simply getting this theme.

Hacker Theme – Matrix Styles

If you want to feel like hackers and do not want to get into trouble, then this one is designed for you. Change your background with this from Theme Raider which provides a slideshow of all the wallpapers which feature the anonymous logo and other classic hacker symbols. It also carries green text which changes after every 30 minutes.

Northern Lights – Minimalistic

This has been a classic choice for all since we knew we could change backgrounds. It offers users beautiful images from different parts of the world and provides them with some next-level experience.

Fill your wanderlust by looking at these breathtaking images of the sky from Norway, Iceland, Death Valley and much more. The user has a choice of 15 different images most of which come from stunning locales around the globe.

Grey Eve Skin – A Dark Theme for Windows 11

When we talk about dark mode then this is a great option especially when you spend your entire day in front of a system it makes text quite difficult to read on a few themes but it is not true for this. This perfectly balances creating dark mode and allowing the user to see what he is doing.

When you shift from one file to another it won’t cause any eye strain so you can feel good about long hours sitting in front of the system. Moreover, it has the same interface and design as version 11 so you do not need to adjust to any changes.

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Batman and Joker – Movie-inspired

If you are a Batman or the Joker fan, we have now developed a combined theme for you. This includes over 30 wallpapers, icons and desktop folders. It is very light, automatically changes the background every hour, and can be adjusted in display settings. It also has touches from Arkham City and the latest movie.

Stardock WindowBlinds

Stardock WindowBlinds is an all-in-one package for customizing your desktop. It allows you to change your Start Menu, frames and buttons. This is a true theme!

It has a feature called (Stylize) that brings in custom styles and skins. You can choose a variety from their library and database. If you were a fan of the transparency found in Windows 7 then you will be glad to know it can be achieved with Stardock.

Our favorite includes per-application themes that allow you to control the Window you have opened individually.

How To Install Windows 11 Themes (Step-by-step)

Windows 11 Theme Installation Process

If you do not want to get in the hassle of first finding, downloading, and installing a new theme then it is informed that many are already present on the OS. So, change it when you’re tired of the old one.

From the Microsoft store, one can also search about it which shall give your system a completely new look. Many third-party themes are present as well but be careful when you download them as they might carry malware and cause serious issues to the system and one may need to re-install his entire OS.

We suggest you stick to what has been provided by Microsoft as they have been tested plus we have user reviews that give us an idea about them. Plus is there is any change incompatibility then the windows always warn you.

Install it on Windows 11 device by following the steps below:

  • Click on “start menu”.
  • Select “settings”.
  • Pick “personalization” from here you can change the background, lock screen, and much more.
  • From the sidebar, select “themes”, and you shall see a screen saying “Apply a theme”, after clicking “get more themes in the store” to see all the options available.
  • Once in the store, select from various options.
  • As you see the one you want, click to open it. This shall initiate a pop-up for download; we suggest that you turn off ad-blocking software during this step. Like this, the window won’t stop it from downloading.
  • Click on the “get” button on the pop-up, and it shall automatically begin downloading.
  • Once completed, click the “launch button” and select the particular theme to apply it.

Once all the steps have been completed, the theme is applied to the screen.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Theme

Sometimes you either do not like the new look of windows or want to personalize the desktop.

Keep in mind a few things before doing anything to the desktop.

Both skins and wallpapers are not invasive but change the complete look for the icons, menus, taskbar, and much more.

We can say that all the features might not be optimized to the fullest for one’s display and may conflict. It is therefore necessary to make a backup.

One is given the chance to select the correct resolution when picking up themes and especially wallpapers.

If you do not know then:

  • Right-click on any part of the desktop.
  • Choose “display settings” to check the display resolution.

Like this, you know what to select.

In version 11 if you wish to change the background:

  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Go to “background”.

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Customization is an essential part of making your desktop or laptop feel yours. This is where you will enjoy the 11 different selections of the best Windows 11 themes and skins we have researched above for you. These include various styles and are added to a list for you to easily download and install. These are themes with icons and most of them also have a 3D effect.

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